• name
  • #Me: 3D Avatar
  • file size
  • 250 MB
  • version
  • 1.0.053035
  • price
  • Free
  • publisher
  • CloverGames
  • mod features
  • Damage & Defense Multiplier, God Mode
  • requires
  • Android 7.0 and up

#Me Mod APK – Are you one word? Possibly. Estrella lets you exhibit all your colors. An amazing journey awaits!

About #Me: 3D Avatar

#Me: 3D Avatar is an exciting and innovative game that allows players to create and customize their unique 3D avatars, bringing their digital identities to life. With its robust customization options, social features, and interactive gameplay, #Me offers a fun and immersive experience for those seeking to express themselves in the digital world.

Create Your Avatar

Start by designing your virtual avatar, selecting from a wide range of customizable features including facial features, hairstyles, clothing, accessories, and more. Personalize your avatar to reflect your own style and personality, making it truly unique and representative of your individuality.

Realistic 3D Graphics

Experience stunning visuals and lifelike animations as your avatar comes to life in a vibrant 3D world. Enjoy meticulously detailed environments, smooth character movements, and realistic lighting effects that enhance the immersive gameplay experience.

Social Interaction

Connect and interact with other players from around the world in a dynamic and social environment. Engage in virtual social activities, such as chatting, making friends, and participating in group activities. Express yourself through emojis, gestures, and custom animations, fostering connections and building relationships with like-minded individuals.

Mini-Games and Challenges

Embark on exciting mini-games and challenges that offer a break from avatar customization. Engage in multiplayer competitions, quizzes, puzzles, and more, earning rewards and unlocking additional customization options. Test your skills, compete against friends, and showcase your abilities in various entertaining activities.

Virtual Fashion and Style

Stay on top of the latest fashion trends by exploring a vast selection of virtual clothing and accessories for your avatar. Access a virtual marketplace where you can purchase and trade unique clothing items, allowing you to constantly update your avatar’s style and stay ahead of the fashion curve.

Virtual Home and Personalization

Create and decorate your virtual home, reflecting your personal taste and creativity. Furnish your living space with a variety of furniture, decor, and interactive items. Showcase your achievements, trophies, and unique collectibles, making your virtual home a reflection of your virtual journey.

Events and Community Engagement

Participate in regular events, contests, and community-driven activities within the game. Show off your avatar’s style and compete against other players to win exclusive rewards and recognition. Engage with the vibrant community, join virtual parties, and collaborate on projects to foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Enjoy the flexibility of playing #Me: 3D Avatar across multiple platforms. Whether you prefer gaming on your mobile device, tablet, or computer, you can seamlessly access your avatar and continue your virtual adventures wherever you go.

Privacy and Safety

#Me: 3D Avatar prioritizes user privacy and safety, ensuring a secure and enjoyable gaming experience. The game incorporates robust moderation systems and tools to prevent inappropriate behavior and content, creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for players of all ages.

Regular Updates and New Features

The developers of #Me: 3D Avatar are committed to providing an evolving and engaging experience for players. Expect regular updates that introduce new features, customization options, gameplay enhancements, and community-driven content, ensuring a fresh and exciting experience with every update.

In summary, #Me: 3D Avatar offers a thrilling and interactive gaming experience where players can create their digital identities, customize their avatars, engage in social interactions, and embark on various challenges. Dive into a world of endless possibilities, self-expression, and social connections as you discover and define your unique virtual persona.

MOD APK version of #Me: 3D Avatar

MOD features

  • Mod Menu
  • Damage Multiplier
  • Defense Multiplier
  • God Mode

Cre: Yaskashije