- Knobs themed and fixed
- Slight changes to some colors (material grey, material teal)
- Splitted the disable blur option, to avoid side effects on the alternative layout. Use the right one!
- PowerAmp navbar themed!
- Quick scroll handle fixed

Other improvements are in the works! For example, a new play/pause button. Remember to drop some 5 stars review to help us!

Material 2 is a skin for PowerAmp V3 (build 795+).


• A set of handcrafted icons based on Material 2 style!
• Material dark and material light in a single theme!
• Amoled black mode, to save your battery
• A lot of accents, official Google colors!
• Alternative layout for dark, light and black UI
• Remove blur from player option
• Rounded UI option
• Flat UI option
• Dashboard app (removable launcher icon)
• No bugs! 😀
• More to come!


Simply make sure to have the latest Poweramp V3 BETA: to have it, scroll down in the PowerAmp Play Store page and tap on “join beta”. Wait a couple of minutes, update PowerAmp and you’re good to go! Further instructions are in the skin itself, and our email is below, for every other question or issue! We also have a Telegram channel, the link is in the app itself (hint: tap on the logo!).

How we update our skins

Every skin is updated with new features until it’s complete. After this moment, the skin is updated to fix every bug. New skins will come regularly, and every request is well appreciated, we’ll do our best to help you!

Help us!

Do you want to help us? You can! You can translate the app or the description in your language, you will be credited! At the moment, the app is available in English and Italian!
Another great way to help us is giving feedbacks! You can find our email in this page, and we particurarly appreciate detailed feedbacks, with screenshots and so on! Currently, we have a todo listfull of possible improvements, but keep the suggestions coming!