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  • MagicCut
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  • 2.4.6
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  • SilverAI Inc
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  • Android 7.0

Taking photos is now a very familiar thing that we do every day. Therefore, taking beautiful photos is not too difficult for many people when we know the basic knowledge of photography. However, using factors such as shooting angle, focus or lighting does not always give us the photo we want. Sometimes there will be “foreign objects” that accidentally enter your frame, ruining your photography moment. That is the reason for the appearance of MagicCut, the application that helps you take photos in the most perfect way.

About MagicCut

MagicCut emerges as a versatile and innovative mobile application, redefining the landscape of photo editing. This app, designed for both amateur photographers and seasoned artists, introduces cutting-edge features that empower users to transform their photos with precision and creativity. From effortless background removal to intricate detailing, MagicCut stands as a comprehensive photo editing tool that simplifies complex processes, making professional-quality editing accessible to all.

User-Friendly Interface

Upon launching MagicCut, users are welcomed by an intuitive and user-friendly interface. The design is clean, ensuring that even those new to photo editing can navigate through the app seamlessly. The layout is logically organized, providing quick access to a plethora of features without overwhelming the user. MagicCut’s user-friendly interface is designed to enhance the editing experience and encourage exploration of its powerful tools.

Background Removal

MagicCut’s standout feature lies in its advanced background removal capabilities. The app employs cutting-edge algorithms to automatically detect and remove backgrounds from images, allowing users to create stunning cutouts with just a few taps. The accuracy of the background removal tool ensures that even complex and detailed scenes can be separated effortlessly, opening up a world of creative possibilities.

Smart Object Recognition

MagicCut incorporates smart object recognition technology, enabling users to precisely identify and isolate specific elements within an image. Whether it’s a person, an animal, or an object, the app’s AI-driven recognition system ensures accurate selection and manipulation. This feature enhances the precision of editing, providing users with the tools to focus on specific elements and refine their compositions.

Customizable Editing Tools

MagicCut provides users with a diverse set of customizable editing tools to refine their cutouts and enhance their images. Users can adjust parameters such as sharpness, contrast, saturation, and more to achieve the desired look. The app’s flexibility allows for fine-tuning, ensuring that users have control over the final outcome while maintaining a user-friendly editing experience.

Creative Filters and Effects

For users seeking to add a touch of artistic flair to their photos, MagicCut offers a range of creative filters and effects. From vintage aesthetics to modern styles, users can experiment with different looks and styles to enhance the visual impact of their images. The real-time preview feature allows users to explore various options before settling on the perfect filter.

Background Replacement

Building upon its robust background removal capabilities, MagicCut goes a step further by allowing users to replace backgrounds seamlessly. The app provides a selection of pre-designed backgrounds, and users can also import their own images to serve as backdrops. This feature is particularly useful for creating professional-looking compositions or injecting a playful touch into photos.

Collage and Composition Tools

MagicCut extends its functionality beyond individual images by offering collage and composition tools. Users can create visually appealing collages by combining multiple cutouts or by overlaying cutouts onto new backgrounds. The app provides options for adjusting the layout, size, and orientation of elements within the collage, allowing for creative and personalized compositions.

Text and Typography

Recognizing the importance of text in visual communication, MagicCut includes a text and typography tool. Users can add customizable text to their images, choosing from a variety of fonts, styles, and colors. This feature is ideal for creating captions, adding personal messages, or incorporating text-based elements into creative compositions.

Sticker and Element Library

MagicCut enriches the editing experience with an extensive library of stickers, icons, and decorative elements. Users can browse through diverse categories and themes to find the perfect elements for their projects. The app’s sticker and element library enhances creativity, providing users with a wide array of options to embellish and personalize their images.

Easy Sharing and Export

Once the editing process is complete, MagicCut facilitates easy sharing of images on social media platforms and messaging apps directly from the app. The app supports high-resolution exports, ensuring that the edited images maintain their quality when shared or used for various purposes. This streamlined sharing process allows users to showcase their creativity effortlessly.

In-App Community and Inspiration

MagicCut fosters a sense of community among its users through an in-app community feature. Users can share their edited images, discover inspiring works from others, and engage in discussions about editing techniques and trends. The community aspect adds a social dimension to the app, creating a dynamic space for users to connect, learn, and draw inspiration from one another.

Regular Updates and Feature Additions

The developers of MagicCut are committed to providing a top-notch user experience. Regular updates introduce new features, enhancements, and optimizations based on user feedback. This commitment to continuous improvement ensures that MagicCut remains at the forefront of photo editing apps, adapting to the evolving needs and preferences of its user base.

Multiplatform Accessibility

MagicCut is designed for multiplatform accessibility, ensuring that users can seamlessly switch between devices. The app is available on both iOS and Android platforms, allowing users to enjoy a consistent and immersive editing experience regardless of the device they use.


In conclusion, MagicCut emerges as a powerful and user-friendly photo editing app that prioritizes precision, creativity, and accessibility. Whether users are looking to remove backgrounds with ease, replace scenes seamlessly, or add artistic elements to their photos, MagicCut provides a comprehensive set of tools to bring their visions to life. With its intuitive interface, advanced features, and a commitment to community engagement, MagicCut stands as a versatile companion for individuals seeking to elevate their photo editing skills and unleash their creativity on the digital canvas.

MOD APK version of MagicCut

When using MagicCut MOD APK, you have unlocked the Pro version completely free. You can experience the following features:

  • Unlimited font removal
  • No advertising
  • FullHD image quality
  • Pro features
  • Paid Templates

MOD feature

Pro Unlocked

Download MagicCut MOD APK for Android

MagicCut is a simple application, but its effectiveness is enormous. Features that were thought to only be found in professional Photoshop applications are now available on your phone. Use MagicCut, you will have perfect photos with just very simple operations. Remember to invite your friends to APKMOD.CC to enjoy the great things that MagicCut brings together.