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Welcome to Lifesum, the all-in-one app designed to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. Developed by Lifesum AB, this comprehensive health companion offers a range of features to support your journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, eat healthier, or simply improve your overall well-being, Lifesum provides the tools, insights, and guidance you need to succeed.

Introduction to Lifesum

Mobile calorie counter and healthy personal nutrition practice!

Personalized Nutrition Plans

With Lifesum, you can create personalized nutrition plans tailored to your individual goals, preferences, and dietary needs. Begin by setting your target weight and desired timeline, then let Lifesum generate a customized meal plan designed to help you achieve your objectives. Explore a diverse range of recipes, track your daily food intake, and receive personalized recommendations to keep you on track towards your goals.

Food Diary and Barcode Scanner

Stay on top of your nutrition with Lifesum’s intuitive food diary and barcode scanner features. Easily log your meals, snacks, and beverages throughout the day, and track key nutrients such as calories, macros, and micronutrients. Use the built-in barcode scanner to quickly add packaged foods to your diary, making it easier than ever to monitor your intake and make informed food choices.

Water Tracking and Hydration Reminders

Proper hydration is essential for overall health and well-being, and Lifesum makes it easy to stay hydrated throughout the day. Track your daily water intake with Lifesum’s water tracker, set hydration goals based on your individual needs, and receive reminders to drink water at regular intervals. With Lifesum, you can ensure that you’re meeting your hydration needs and staying energized throughout the day.

Exercise Tracking and Activity Logging

In addition to nutrition tracking, Lifesum also offers robust exercise tracking and activity logging features to help you stay active and motivated. Log your workouts, track your daily steps and activity levels, and sync data from popular fitness devices and apps for a comprehensive overview of your fitness progress. Whether you’re hitting the gym, going for a run, or simply taking a walk, Lifesum makes it easy to stay accountable and track your fitness journey.

Health Insights and Progress Tracking

Monitor your progress towards your health and wellness goals with Lifesum’s detailed insights and progress tracking tools. View trends in your nutrition and activity data over time, track changes in your weight and body measurements, and celebrate milestones as you work towards your objectives. Lifesum provides valuable feedback and encouragement to keep you motivated and focused on achieving your goals.

Community Support and Inspiration

Connect with like-minded individuals, share your progress, and find inspiration from the Lifesum community. Join challenges, participate in group discussions, and celebrate achievements together with fellow users who share your health and wellness goals. Whether you’re looking for support, motivation, or new ideas, the Lifesum community is here to help you succeed on your journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

MOD APK version of Lifesum

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

How to login?

Since this is the MOD version, you cannot log in with your Google and Facebook accounts. You need to register a new account by Email to use the app.

Download for Android Lifesum  APK

Lifesum is more than just a health and fitness app—it’s your personal health companion, empowering you to make positive changes and live your best life. With its comprehensive features, personalized guidance, and supportive community, Lifesum makes it easier than ever to achieve your health and wellness goals. Download Lifesum today and take the first step towards a healthier, happier you!