• name
  • KICK 24: Pro Football Manager
  • version
  • 1.0.0
  • file size
  • 593 MB
  • price
  • Free
  • publisher
  • Kong Software
  • mod features
  • Not available
  • requires
  • Android

Playing KICK 24: Pro Football Manager and you will gain more experience as a talented football manager. If you are a football fan or have a dream of becoming a football club manager in the future, this is a game you can not miss.

About KICK 24: Pro Football Manager

Fulfill your dream of becoming a football manager!

Chase your passion

Football is a sport that attracts the most players, fans, and news followers in the world. Each person can choose to enjoy football in different ways. Some people have to play directly on the field, while others stand from afar and observe matches daily. Others watch football seasonally, only following their favorite team or football tournament. Others are interested in learning about internal football-related jobs, such as coaches, club owners, or team managers.

No matter what you are interested in, playing a football game can help you partially satisfy your desire to immerse yourself in this exciting sport. Especially for those who love learning about special roles in football, KICK 24: Pro Football Manager will be a very suitable suggestion.

Free to choose long-term tactical direction for the team

Not only do you direct your own management style, but as a team leader, you can also influence the long-term and short-term tactical direction of the whole team.

In the long run, do you want your team to favor comprehensive attacking football, or a beautiful team full of potential stars, or want to become a team that favors tight defensive tactics? Based on your personal style, along with the unique abilities of each team member, you will come up with the best solutions and choices for yourself.

Building your own football philosophy

Players will take on the role of a proficient football manager in KICK 24: Pro Football Manager. Not starting from scratch, you are already a well-trained manager, going through many steps of self-training to today have your own football team.

What makes you, a football enthusiast, find complete joy in this game is the freedom to find a way to manage the team in your own way. Choose to be a comprehensive team manager, someone pursuing profits and image, or a football management talent focusing on team tactics. Freedom in the path to career management growth is the core of this game.

Recruit new players to the team

To build the strongest team of players, managers also need to have the right strategy for using people and recruiting players. Depending on the football philosophy and long-term tactics of the team, you will be able to recruit and transfer famous players to make a name for the team. Or you can hunt for potential young players to easily train and mold them to follow your philosophy.

Either way, the overall goal of KICK 24: Pro Football Manager is to create a star football team, number one globally, and become the most talented manager in the world.

Come up with short-term football strategies

In the short term, in each match, as a team manager, based on each individual’s own strength, along with a detailed assessment of the opponent’s squad, and the ultimate goal when participating in the tournament, you will give your team the most suitable football strategy at each time.

Then directly admire the progress of the match, making excellent goals. In the middle of a match, the manager also has the right to intervene in detail to flexibly change the team’s tactics. Playing KICK 24: Pro Football Manager thus brings both a comprehensive feeling and access to highly realistic football matches, feeling like being part of many realistic thrilling matches.

Download KICK 24: Pro Football Manager APK for Android

KICK 24: Pro Football Manager is an amazing game for football enthusiasts. In this football management game, you can admire football and enjoy your interests in a different, more general, and macro aspect.