• name
  • Jurassic Clans
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  • 0.0.1
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  • 1 GB
  • price
  • Free
  • publisher
  • GoldenGod Games
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  • requires
  • Android

Jurassic Clans is an exciting strategy game with a primitive setting. The main characters are still human tribes, not dinosaurs like other games with the same genre. The way of setting up circumstances, situations, and eras, along with the tactical gameplay that is not heavy but still novel enough, is what makes Jurassic Clans attract players at first sight.

About Jurassic Clans

Protect your tribe in the dangerous world!


In the primitive world, one of the biggest and most terrifying enemies is the ferocious dinosaurs. But if you look at it from another perspective, they are also an opportunity for one tribe to gain supremacy over other tribes. Whoever can capture and tame powerful and large dinosaurs will of course have an extreme advantage in battles for colonies.

Jurassic Clans is a strategy game based on this theme and setting. Jurassic tribes will appear in this game, creating a lively but dangerous, dinosaur-era world.

Without any discipline, without any teachings or laws, society at this time was based on strength, with the main criterion: whoever is strong will win. There are no exceptions and no exclusions. To have the most fertile and vast lands, many tribes did not hesitate to unite together to create a large alliance. Take advantage of the special abilities of some individuals in the clan to capture, tame, and train a number of powerful dinosaurs to form your own fighting army.

So with the power of solidarity, the advantages of joining hands with the alliance, and the power of the dinosaur army, that tribe will have many opportunities to win battles and take over the most elite territories for their side.

Explore many different lands to expand resources

Each land in the world has its own characteristics, but they are all wild, uninhabited, and still in their infancy. Not every place is suitable to live and develop, but each place brings you different rich resources.

Mobilize and divide your people into small groups to continuously explore different points in the world, collecting as many and as rich resources as possible. Finally, during those explorations and exploits, who knows, you will find a truly suitable and ideal place for the long-term settlement of the entire tribe, to begin building the first foundation of the tribe.

Become the most prosperous

According to that context, the sole mission of these large allied tribes is the same: to become the most powerful tribe in the world. What is that strength shown through? A vast territory, full of resources, fertile green lands, a super army, majestic infrastructure, and an army of dinosaurs that go wherever they go. This is also the mission players need to achieve in Jurassic Clans.

Take the first steps for human civilization

After you have found the land you like, you will start building infrastructure from simple to high-end with your people. Wherever infrastructure develops, people’s lives and quality develop accordingly. From shabby huts, they gradually became decorated, firmly built buildings, then manufacturing and cooking areas made of stone.

High life, will attract more residents from small tribes to join your tribe. With more people, the tribe grew stronger, the military developed and the amount of infrastructure also increased. This is the premise for a sustainable civilization later.

Focus on technology development

Jurassic Clans also shows the importance of technology in human civilization. Use money and resources, along with the creativity of your clan, to create important technologies. Continue to use combat achievements to unlock new technologies. You will gradually have an ideal supporting arm to develop your land to a higher level.

Equip every resident of the tribe with optimal weapons and tools

In this world that relies on fighting for survival, if you don’t have weapons and tools, you’re considered useless. You will need to select among the group of people you are leading elite members to exploit, search for resources, and bring them back to be forged into weapons.

Then equip the people in your allied tribe with this weapon. Each person who uses these weapons in battle will be able to defeat invasions. As for tools, they will be used to exchange, hunt, gather, or grow livestock on their land.

Note that each type of weapon and each tool has its own uses. If used appropriately, it will create higher productivity and combat effectiveness.

Download Jurassic Clans APK for Android

The journey of finding, exploring, building, developing territories, and conquering the dinosaur army in Jurassic Clans will help you learn more about the wilderness of humanity. This is a deep strategy game with unique and powerful graphics that’s very worth playing.