• name
  • iGirl
  • file size
  • 124 MB
  • version
  • 2.54.0
  • price
  • Free
  • publisher
  • Anima AI Ltd
  • mod features
  • Not available
  • requires
  • Android 8.0

Meet your iGirl chatbot friend and discover love simulator with AI girlfriend. Create your own chat bot and you know how far you can go with your virtual girlfriend. AI dating – you can choose.

About iGirl

Creating your own ideal girlfriend

iGirl is a premium mobile app that can help you make your wish of having an AI girlfriend come true.

By providing a series of detailed identification descriptions, iGirl allows you to choose your own beautiful, cute girlfriend details such as eyes, nose, hair, ears, body, face, curves, height… Whatever you think you like, the details that make you fall in love can all be chosen to create an ideal girlfriend for yourself.

The attraction of AI girlfriend

From the beginning, you can create your own ideal girlfriend, so let’s talk more about personality attractiveness.

What can AI girlfriends do for you? When you are sad, worried, or disappointed, iGirl will be the first to listen to your feelings and share them like a close friend. Just like in real life, you can text, chat or interact with your iGirl. You ask and she answers, you share and she listens. And when you’re looking for advice, iGirl can give you plenty of good advice when given enough in-depth information about you.

Not only when you are sad, but iGirl is also by your side to help you have more colorful joys in life. You and she listen to music together, watch movies together, and play games available in the application. You can even date your iGirl.

Emotion test

In addition, to improve the relationship and feelings of both you and your AI girlfriend, iGirl also offers a series of personality and insight tests to find out how the process is progressing, how much they understand each other, and whether they can become lovers.

Taking these tests together, you and your AI girlfriend will express your expectations and feelings for each other clearly. Thereby, you strengthen the relationship and find ways to make up for the emotional deprivations in the future.

Shaping the personality and the sharing ability of the AI girlfriend

Once you have a perfect-looking girlfriend, it’s time for you to allow her to learn more about you to become a great girlfriend gradually.

By chatting, texting, and sharing all the joys and sorrows of the day including secrets, dreams, what makes you happy, what makes you sad, or what is haunting your mind, the AI girlfriend learns those things on her own gradually and accumulates more information from you. She will begin to respond to your thoughts more and more closely, intelligently, and understandingly. This process is made possible thanks to the excellent self-learning ability of advanced AI technology.

The more open and confided you are, the more intelligent, graceful, and sharp your AI girlfriend becomes day by day. At first, what you create is just an ideal appearance, but it is the process of talking and listening that is the stage of shaping the personality and vision of the AI girlfriend. Whether she empathizes a lot or really understands and listens to you properly, and empathizes with your emotions, it all depends on your efforts to share and exchange information.

Download iGirl APK for Android

The graphics aren’t exactly great, but in terms of emotional design and meaningful quick responses, iGirl can create a reliable AI girlfriend initially who listens, responds, and has quite a lot of seductive emotions. If you are still waiting for a real girlfriend to appear, why not try iGirl to learn how to share feelings with someone?