• name
  • Idle Mine RPG
  • version
  • 0.6.27
  • file size
  • 52 MB
  • price
  • Free
  • publisher
  • Iron Horse Games LLC
  • mod features
  • Menu, Unlimited Damage
  • requires
  • Android

Idle Mine RPG comes from Iron Horse Games LLC in which you control a group of dwarves whose mission is to mine deep underground under the mountain peaks to collect gold and resources. However, that place is not just you and your teammates. There are many more monsters and traps waiting.

About Idle Mine RPG

Just touch the screen, everything is solved

Idle Mine RPG has the common characteristics of idle games: idle control, concise but always get “income”, victory, even when you are away from your phone to do other things.

Specifically, just by clicking, you will throw bombs and dig deep into the ground. Keep tapping and tapping the screen to kill monsters, earn gold coins. Again, it only requires pressing to be able to upgrade the character and dig deeper and fight harder.

Role-play as a miner hero

Game Idle has never lost its appeal on mobile. Thanks to the ability to support auto-control, players can play more easily, without having to do repetitive actions, and still have the opportunity to develop their talents in many ways. If you are looking for an idle resource mining game that combines monster battles with lovely dwarves, then you can try Idle Mine RPG.

Idle Mine RPG is idle role playing game. You will control a group of dwarves (sounds like the story of Little Snow White), carry tools on your shoulders, go deep into the ground under the great mountain peaks to fully exploit mines and ores. From there, miners gather resources, minerals, collect gold and countless valuable items.

The duties of the dwarves were not only that. Underground, where the sun is absent, is always a dangerous place. Not only because of the terrain, the feeling of darkness, but also because this is where countless monsters are hiding. They set traps, lure you into the darkest places and want to capture all the dwarves. There have been many miners like you missing here. You will have to find a way to rescue them from the captivity of evil monsters.

From miner to hero, that process takes a lot of fighting, collecting items and working hard to continuously upgrade to higher levels, both in strength and combat skills. The deeper you dig into the ground, the more enemies you fight, and the more miners you rescue, the more mature you become in every way.

Recruiting new miners

When the work increases a lot, it is also time to recruit more dwarf miners to speed up many processes at the same time: mining, crafting and fighting. There will be tons of dwarf miners in need of work. By hiring more people, you will have both new forces and more opportunities to upgrade existing miners through Ore Refining.

Even when you are offline and away from your phone, the army of miners continues to diligently work, mine and fight to bring you countless gold coins.

Crafting ability

During mining battle don’t forget to enjoy Crafting fun. With the dexterity at hand, our hero miner can craft sharp tool items to mine rare ores. You will also have the opportunity to craft and refine rare ores and gems, earning a lot of money for the whole group.

More importantly, you can also create weapons and armor to serve the battle. Using the resources at hand and crafting talent, you will in turn equip a bunch of weapons for your heroic team of miners.

MOD APK version of Idle Mine RPG

MOD features

  • MENU
  • Unlimited Damage

Download Idle Mine RPG APK & MOD for Android

Idle Mine RPG idle role-playing game is quite fun with the theme of mining, fighting monsters. The whole is designed with colorful pixel art style. The mines are also rich in variety, monsters abound, and the gameplay is busy but doesn’t take much effort to control. Idle Mine RPG will help you quickly entertain your day and gain positive energy to start a new working day.