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  • Android 6.0 and up

iCallScreen is an application to customize the iOS call keypad on Android mobile. When you need to change the look of your existing calling screen or to feel like you’re using an iPhone, download iCallScreen right away.

About iCallScreen


iCallScreen is an innovative call screening and management application designed to enhance productivity and security for smartphone users. With its advanced features and intuitive interface, iCallScreen offers a comprehensive solution for managing incoming calls effectively.

Call Blocking and Screening

iCallScreen allows users to block unwanted calls and screen incoming calls based on customizable criteria. Users can create blocklists, whitelist contacts, and set up screening rules to filter calls and prioritize important ones.

Caller Identification

The application provides real-time caller identification, displaying relevant information about incoming calls, such as caller name, number, and location. This helps users make informed decisions about whether to answer or block a call.

Customizable Call Handling

Users can customize how calls are handled based on various factors, such as time of day, caller ID, and call type. Options include sending calls directly to voicemail, forwarding to another number, or playing a pre-recorded message.

Spam Call Detection

iCallScreen utilizes advanced algorithms to detect and flag potential spam or fraudulent calls, helping users avoid scams and phishing attempts. Suspicious calls are automatically flagged for further review or blocking.

Call Recording and Transcription

The application offers call recording functionality, allowing users to record important conversations for future reference or documentation purposes. Additionally, iCallScreen can transcribe recorded calls into text, making it easier to review and search for specific information.

Do Not Disturb Mode

Users can activate the Do Not Disturb mode to temporarily silence incoming calls and notifications during meetings, presentations, or other busy periods. Customizable settings allow users to specify exceptions for important contacts or emergencies.

Integration with Contacts and Messaging Apps

iCallScreen seamlessly integrates with users’ existing contacts and messaging apps, providing a unified communication experience. Users can access contact information, send messages, and manage call preferences directly within the application.

Privacy and Security

iCallScreen prioritizes user privacy and security, implementing robust encryption protocols to protect sensitive call data. Personal information is securely stored and never shared with third parties without user consent.


iCallScreen is a powerful call screening and management application that empowers users to take control of their incoming calls and prioritize communication effectively. With its comprehensive features, customizable settings, and focus on privacy and security, iCallScreen offers a seamless and efficient solution for managing calls on smartphones.

MOD APK version of iCallScreen

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Premium Unlocked

Download for Android iCallScreen APK & MOD

iCallScreen has a light size, only 7-8MB, but will help you get the calling screen to your liking thanks to its high customization and personalization capabilities, on the same interface as on Iphone.