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Downloading a YouTube video involves copying the video data from YouTube and storing it on your device for offline viewing. Typically, people download YouTube videos to:

  1. Watch Offline: When you download a video from YouTube, you can watch it without an internet connection. This is useful when you want to view videos when there’s no network available or to save mobile data.
  2. Personal Storage: Some individuals download videos to store them in their personal libraries, so they can rewatch them at any time without needing to search for them on YouTube.
  3. Creative Projects: Video creators may download YouTube videos to use them in their personal or creative projects. They can then edit, cut, or repurpose the downloaded videos for new content.

However, it’s important to adhere to copyright laws and YouTube’s policies. You should not download copyrighted videos without permission from the copyright owner, as it can lead to legal consequences.

and below is how to download youtube videos with y2Snap:

      1. Copy link Youtube video
      2. Goto https://www.y2snap.app
      3. Paste the link into the box and press Start
      4. Choose quality 480p, HD-720p, full-HD 1080p and click the Download buttonhow2
      5. Click Download button to download to your Mobile device or PC

You can use Mobile devices such as Android, IPhone/IPad (iOS) to download YouTube videos with the best quality with y2Snap – Youtube Video Downloader, and PC.