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  • Holy Bible
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  • 1.2.26
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  • Free
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  • BeWithGod
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  • Pro Unlocked
  • requires
  • Android 5.0 and up

The Holy Bible(KJV) is a lightweight app for your daily spiritual journey. Quickly access Bible verses, create highlights, bookmarks, and notes. Enjoy the KJV Bible audio feature and share your discoveries with friends. Experience God’s Word together with the King James Version Bible audio.

Introduction to Holy Bible

The Holy Bible app serves as a valuable tool for individuals seeking to strengthen their faith and connect with the teachings of Christianity and Protestantism.

Accessible Scripture Anywhere, Anytime

Carrying a physical Bible with you everywhere can be cumbersome, but with the Holy Bible app installed on your mobile device, you have access to the scriptures at your fingertips. Whether you’re commuting, traveling, or simply relaxing at home, you can immerse yourself in the Word of God whenever you desire.

Daily Inspirational Quotes and Verses

Start each day on a positive note with daily inspirational quotes and Bible verses that uplift and encourage. These carefully selected passages can provide spiritual guidance, motivation, and comfort as you navigate life’s challenges and joys.

Flexible Reading Modes

Holy Bible offers flexible reading modes to suit your preferences. Whether you prefer to read through the Bible chronologically, starting from the beginning or end, or want to focus on specific books or passages, the app allows you to customize your reading experience.

Personalization Options

Tailor your Bible reading experience with customizable features such as font size, color schemes, and screen brightness. Highlight meaningful verses and bookmark favorite passages for easy reference and reflection.

Efficient Search Functionality

Finding specific scriptures or topics within the Bible is effortless with the app’s robust search functionality. Simply enter keywords or phrases into the search bar to locate relevant passages quickly, saving you time during your study and prayer sessions.

Prayer Planning and Reminders

Consistency in prayer is key to spiritual growth. Holy Bible enables you to schedule daily prayer reminders based on your preferred times and routines. Receive notifications or alarms to prompt you to pause and engage in meaningful prayer throughout your day.

Scripture Memorization Games

Engage your mind and strengthen your memory with interactive games designed to facilitate scripture memorization. These engaging activities make learning Bible verses enjoyable and effective, helping you retain key teachings and passages.

Offline Audio Bible

Listen to the Bible being narrated by soothing voices, even without an internet connection. This feature is especially beneficial for individuals who prefer auditory learning or want to meditate on scripture during moments of rest or relaxation.

Support for Christian and Protestant Believers

Holy Bible caters specifically to individuals following the Christian and Protestant faiths, providing a comprehensive resource for spiritual study, reflection, and devotion within these traditions.

User-Friendly Interface

The app’s user-friendly interface ensures accessibility for users of all technological backgrounds. Navigate through the Bible, access features, and engage in daily readings with ease, fostering a seamless and enriching experience.

MOD APK version of Holy Bible

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Pro Unlocked

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Holy Bible is the application to read the scriptures and access all the scriptures in a simple, effective and easy to use way. Become a pious lamb of deep faith with the help of this modern tool called the Holy Bible, which will make your pursuit of faith easier.