• name
  • Hey Love Tim
  • version
  • 2023.1107.1
  • file size
  • 67 MB
  • price
  • Free
  • publisher
  • nutnut
  • mod features
  • Unlimited Money, No Ads
  • requires
  • Android 5.1

Hey Love Tim MOD APK is an interactive story game in the form of group chats between characters. A secret is opened, and relationships are exposed one after another, are you ready to expose them all?

About Hey Love Tim

Through text messages, find out the truth about ambiguous relationships!


Hey Love Tim focuses on the art of texting. You know, texting sometimes reveals unpredictable secrets. And through this form of exchange, it is easier for people to share when they do not have to look or listen directly to the other person. But at the same time because there is more time to think before texting, what needs to be hidden will also be hidden more deeply.

When playing Hey Love Tim, you will start texting with a group of friends. One day one of the group started talking about the sudden disappearance of Nora, a girlfriend from high school. It seems that everything is no longer a rumor. Nora’s disappearance is real. And it seems that something strange is happening around here, right in this very group chat that you join.

You don’t pay attention, but the messages and information keep pouring in. Until the climax is when you discover Tim, your school crush seems to be the center of all mysteries related to the disappearance of Nora. Now it’s all up to you to decide. You choose to trust him, or keep your distance and be on guard. Will you continue the story to find out the secret about Nora or will you choose to avoid reality, believing only what you want to believe? It all depends on you.

In the game, there are many other secondary characters. But the most prominent are 2 close friends Lila and Joshua. A lot of texting between you and these 2 people. They will help you stay calm and clear to make the right decisions. Pay attention to the data information from them, you will know a lot of interesting things.

It is your choices in the game that will determine the outcome of the story. Closing the curtain, who is the innocent, who is the criminal, who is involved, who is not involved, where will your love story go… Only you can answer the above questions, with your own reason and insight.


Hey Love Tim was formerly known as “Hey Love Nora’s Mystery.” Any name is true for the events you are about to “witness” below.

In essence, Hey Love Tim is an interactive story game but instead of reading stories in prose and making choices, here, you will be texting back and forth with lots of people. Be it in a group message or private message with someone. In the process of exchanging messages, you will also constantly make choices so that the story gradually changes and comes to a certain end.

Hey Love Tim is both a story about love, friendship, and school and a great mystery that you need to dig deep to find the truth. If this is all you are looking for then give this game a try, right now. The thrilling thrill it brings is no less than other famous novel games.

Notes when playing Hey Love Tim

Since it’s a texting game, it’s not just the static story and choices you’re used to seeing. So when you choose what to say in a message, the recipient’s reaction and the way they respond to you will also be different. The interaction is much stronger and deeper than the usual interactive novel game.

Your advice jokes also create a certain impact. Like what you advise Joshua to wear, and what not to wear. Or the fact that you deliberately dig up the identity of Lila’s secret lover. After all, both of these friends are related to Nora and what will you do when you discover that connection?

Hey Love Tim has up to 8 different endings, going to the final destination depends entirely on how you choose and communicate with people through messages. There are over 1000 text message options in total so you can make your own decisions. And a lot of characters need to interact to find out the truth.

MOD APK version of Hey Love Tim


  • Unlimited Money
  • No Ads


Spend money comfortably, no matter how much you have.

Download Hey Love Tim APK & MOD for Android

Now, are you ready to enter the texting, and plunge into somewhat mysterious relationships to find a bigger secret in the high school you are attending? Download Hey Love Tim and start experiencing it.