• name
  • Hello Neighbor Hide & Seek
  • version
  • 1.0
  • file size
  • 1 GB
  • price
  • Free
  • publisher
  • tinyBuild
  • mod features
  • Unlocked
  • requires
  • Android

Hello Neighbor Hide & Seek lets you go on a hide-and-seek journey with your brother in the original Hello Neighbor game. This time, it’s even more dramatic when the two have to work together to solve the disappearance of a family member, by the way, to answer the source of the reason for the first part of the game.

About Hello Neighbor Hide & Seek

Play hide-and-seek in a dramatic and somewhat scary way!


Before going to Hello Neighbor Hide & Seek, I briefly summarize the first part of Hello Neighbor to see the creepy nuance of this seemingly innocent appearance game.

Hello Neighbor is a stealthy action game with a rather strange plot after cartoonish graphics that simulate a bit of childish innocence. But make no mistake, because the deeper you play, the more you realize something is strange. That strange thing is more and more, and at some point can make you shiver. Your family has a missing person, you and your brother are suspecting the culprit is the guy next door. But still, no solid evidence has been found.

The two children began to play a game of Hide and Seek to have an excuse to infiltrate the neighbor’s house the way children do. From there, track down the kidnapper’s tracks and find evidence to denounce him.

In part 1 two kids scoured the neighbor’s house. Hello Neighbor Hide & Seek is the sequel to the journey to find clues inside and outside the house.

The smart neighbor

The fourth difficult “specialty” that you have to face in this game is the neighbor’s AI. No matter what you are doing, where you are, whatever you do, he can suddenly appear and catch you. Smart is like that, but sometimes being stupid is hard to help. Like if you just grab a box blocking the way, he will no doubt turn right away to find you. Unpredictability also contributes to the drama of the game.

Is playing Hello Neighbor Hide & Seek difficultly?

In terms of puzzles, the small and large challenges posed at each level are frankly not too difficult. But even if you have vaguely guessed the solution, it is not easy to make it a reality.

Hello Neighbor Hide & Seek requires players to focus first. You must not let the attractive color and movement elements around lead you to be able to see the truth of the problem.

The second point where the game is demanding on the main player is Precision Controls. At first, you may simply find that the game isn’t going very well. It was obvious that he was going to want to grab something but ended up slipping away. Hello Neighbor Hide & Seek both puzzle players through challenges and require you to focus on controlling your character correctly to do what needs to be done. For example, closing the door, holding the box, jumping through the window … all have to be in the right place, at the right angle, to be able to do it.

Third, Hello Neighbor Hide & Seek wants you to pay attention. Only in this way can we solve some puzzles that seem to have no clues at first glance. Sometimes you even have to combine with object finding, scouring around for all the items you think are relevant.

Is Hello Neighbor Hide & Seek different from the first part?

Same mission as last time, also using the pretext of playing hide and seek, you will infiltrate the house and all surrounding areas to find evidence, expose the unusual points and find out the whereabouts of your missing family member.

If the first part of the game mainly lets you focus on exploring the neighbor’s rather perverted house where there are many confusing rooms. Then through this part 2, you will be playing hide and seek through different spaces in, out in the garden, and in many areas around his house. Like the purposeful setup in the first part, the slightly unreasonable items you find, or glimpses in each place can all be hints of shady things that have happened around the difficult understand neighbor.

On each level you will have a slightly different main task, sometimes to find a way out of the neighbor’s house, sometimes to find the way back to the house when you are lost in the large garden. No matter what stage you are in, you will feel a slight chill running down your spine every time you control the character.

Hello Neighbor Hide & Seek is also said by the developer that there will be more tips and information to make the experience easier than the previous part. Thanks to that, you can solve most clueless puzzles, or handle neighbor trap situations.

Download for Android Hello Neighbor Hide & Seek APK

The very childish 3D cartoon graphics are not something everyone can like, but it is this point and the vibrant colors of the game that make a layer of disguise that is too good for a horror stealth action game with the horror story of the game. Hello Neighbor Hide & Seek is a game that horror game fans can’t ignore.