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  • Android 8.0


Dense forest surrounds an abandoned house. That’s where it was rumored to be cursed. Rumors of people who had disappeared here and strange whispers in the night spread to many people. So far, no one has dared to enter that house.

About game Haunted Room Survivor

Haunted Room Survivor is an action game that simulates the reality of a horror room. The game will take the player on an adventure to find a way out of the haunted room, where you will have to find the evidence by solving various puzzles and mysteries. All these are hidden in a haunted room full of challenging and scary games.


Haunted Room Survivor begins when you enter an abandoned house, with noises and vague shadows that make you extremely haunted. In this game, you will have to complete many different tasks to solve the strange disappearance of the victims. You need to reach the basements of this house, finding pieces from fallen objects everywhere to complete a collection of mystical tools like quartz rings or magic trees.

The villains

In Haunted Room Survivor, the villains are spooky creatures and demons ravaging the player’s home, the weak ducks. These villains have a creepy appearance, often described as having red eyes, bald heads, white or black skin, and may have the ability to transform or become invisible. Specifically, this is a goose but it looks as evil as an eagle. It can attack the player by rushing to attack or using magic skills. If the player is not careful, you may be attacked to death. To win, the player must find a way to destroy the villains or escape from this haunted house.

Graphics and sound

The game is designed with a horror and tense environment to create excitement for players. Scary sounds, faint lights, vivid visuals, and dramatic battle screams will transport players into another world where they must confront dark auroras and uncontrollable fear.

Weapon crafting

In this battle for survival, warriors will need useful weapons to defeat the enemies and take life. Crafting weapons in Haunted Room Survivor requires ingenuity from the player. Players can use different materials such as wood, metal, and stone to create knives, swords, swords, guns and more. Using their tools and crafting skills, the player must be able to pair and assemble different weapon pieces to create a finished product.

However, not simply crafting, players also have to know how to upgrade their weapons by using other resources and items such as pieces of cloth, ropes and animal blood behind the enemies that have been destroyed. These upgrades contribute to increasing the strength and effectiveness of weapons, making it easier for players to defeat the evil forces.

Use sharp thinking

Haunted Room Survivor requires players to have logical thinking and the ability to solve puzzles to find the key to success in escaping the room. Through each door that opens, there will be a new challenge waiting, and the difficulty of the game will increase accordingly. The ghostly death sentences hidden deep in each room will make the participants feel a sense of horror and haunting.

If you don’t recognize the rules and the right way to play, you can get stuck in the room without finding a way out. Puzzles and mysteries are developed to challenge both intelligence and logical thinking of the player. This process also requires patience and concentration, to be able to look at problems from many different angles.

Interacting with items and performing the necessary tasks for each floor of the house will help you get closer to the solution to the disappearance of the victims. However, there will be a lot of arising and different challenges, such as the glassy scenes that will overwhelm you in some areas and the invisible ghosts that can attack you at any time.

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