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  • Guzheng Master
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  • 5.9
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  • Sensor Notes Global
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  • Android 5.1

Guzheng Master will teach you how to play the Chinese Guzheng. As a traditional instrument associated with many important Chinese cultural values, mastering the ancient zither will help you have an additional enjoyable experience in your playing career.

About Guzheng Master

Guzheng Master is an app that allows users to learn and play the guzheng, a traditional Chinese musical instrument. The app features a variety of tools and resources, including lessons, tutorials, and virtual instruments, to help users develop their skills and knowledge of the guzheng.

Lessons and Tutorials

The app features a wide range of lessons and tutorials that cover the basics of playing the guzheng, including hand positioning, finger techniques, and music theory. These resources are designed to help users of all skill levels improve their playing abilities.

Virtual Instruments

The app features a virtual guzheng instrument that allows users to practice playing the instrument on their mobile devices. The virtual instrument includes a variety of customizable settings, such as tuning and sound effects, to create a realistic playing experience.

Music Library

The app also includes a library of traditional Chinese music pieces that users can learn and play on the guzheng. The music library includes a variety of difficulty levels and genres, allowing users to choose pieces that suit their skill level and musical preferences.

Recording and Sharing

Users can also record their guzheng performances and share them with other users on the app or on social media platforms. This feature allows users to showcase their playing abilities and receive feedback from other users.

Progress Tracking

The app includes a feature that allows users to track their progress and see their improvement over time. Users can set goals and milestones, and the app will provide feedback and encouragement to help them reach their musical aspirations.

Overall, “Guzheng Master” is an excellent app for anyone interested in learning and playing the guzheng. With its comprehensive lessons and tutorials, virtual instruments, music library, recording and sharing features, and progress tracking, the app is sure to provide users with a fun and rewarding musical experience.

MOD APK version of Guzheng Master

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Guzheng Master is a learning Guzheng app with many features. Learn while having fun, and have the ideal music collection to practice along with, plus an efficient Guzheng simulator that turns your mobile phone into a miniature Guzheng that’s always with you.