• name
  • Gunship Operator 3D
  • version
  • 2.6.0
  • file size
  • 287 MB
  • price
  • Free
  • publisher
  • mod features
  • Unlimited Energy
  • requires
  • Android 6.0+

VOODOO is a familiar mobile publisher specializing in fun, simple and light casual games. Thought the company had stopped at this popular style. Unexpectedly, they have now developed a game in a new genre, an effectively entertaining shooting game, for a concentrated, rare experience.

About Gunship Operator 3D

Shooter game for a rare concentration experience!


Gunship Operator 3D puts you right into the game, with no cumbersome barriers, no plot required. In front of you is a square lock box represented by the symbol of 4 right angles. Your job now consists of 3 stages. One is Aim. Put each object in turn into the aiming square on the screen, the closer the object is to the center, the higher the accuracy and damage. The second step is to press the Shoot button to fire. The final step is to repeat the above two operations if you encounter tough enemies. Until the object completely explodes, bring back bonus points for you.

Of course this shooting is not a forced turn-based combat. You can approach multiple targets at the same time and choose to destroy first and then later as you like. If you encounter a strong, long-lived opponent and there is another target nearby, you can flexibly switch to shoot the close object first, and then return to the other strong enemy.

Your enemies in Gunship Operator 3D are also quite diverse: foot soldiers, tanks, trucks, weapons trucks, food, enemy tents, sometimes even a veteran military aircraft similar to that of the enemy. you are controlling… Each type of object will have a different existence index. The bigger it is, the stronger its endurance, forcing you to shoot many times to kill it. In return, the corresponding number of bonus points will also be significantly higher.

Accumulate victories, go through simple but tough battles, you will receive a huge number of points. This point helps you upgrade your current gun barrel or change to a more advanced weapon. By the two ways mentioned above, you will make your fighting ability agile, stormy and have higher damage.

So the game lasts almost endlessly, continuing the true shooting fun, without distraction.

Focused shooting, we don’t always get this feeling

Shooting can be said to be the most popular genre on gaming platforms, including mobile. But if you are a minimalist who likes an action game but has to really bring a focused experience, it is quite difficult to find a shooter that meets this criterion.

Often shooting action RPGs will put you on a battlefield with missions that can vary depending on the level and game mode. Anyway, in that 3D or 2D context, you will see a lot of external elements, environments, colors and the unique ecosystem of the land. Before your eyes hit the target, you’ll have to get over all of these design details.

Although it creates a lot of interest and helps a lot to progress the story. But the natural process of observation becomes more or less hindered. That leads to the shooting experience becoming less focused, players are distracted by these factors and cannot focus 100% on the objects to destroy on the screen.

Surely every developer realizes this, but for the game to be rich and attractive, most of them choose to keep these elements, which in my opinion is both good and unfortunate. Going through a lot of shooting games, so far, I have only found a single game that offers a specialized shooting process, focusing on 3 stages: aiming, shooting, and killing targets. Introducing to you the new game – Gunship Operator 3D.

What’s special about Gunship Operator 3D?

This game comes from VOODOO, a mobile game company that used to only specialize in fun casual games, now encroaching on the action segment. Specifically the shooting style.

But Gunship Operator 3D is something very different. Instead of fierce, bustling battlefields with lots of surroundings, traps and surrounding flora and fauna, the context of the levels in Gunship Operator 3D is just a colored background mixed with a few textures. blur. Imagine you are shooting a gun on a colored sheet of paper, but with a 3D look. That is, from the beginning of this game, you only need to focus on the hostile objects that appear on the screen, without having to be distracted or worry about other environmental factors.

Shooting in Gunship Operator 3D is a super close-up first-person perspective. With a reputation for flying a military fighter, traveling around the world on a mission to destroy the enemy. In fact, you can’t even see the fighter you’re using and you don’t know what it looks like.

About weapons

Currently, Gunship Operator 3D does not have a weapon upgrade and unlock system for fighters. However, during the match, you are allowed to switch to three types of weapons, including machine guns, rockets, and bombs. Depending on the enemy you face, choose the appropriate weapon. However, you should keep in mind that bombs and missiles are very few in number.

MOD APK version of Gunship Operator 3D

MOD feature

  • No Ads
  • Unlimited Energy

Download Gunship Operator 3D APK & MOD for Android

Playing Gunship Operator 3D will give you a new shooting experience, I mean in terms of gameplay and how it is fully focused. Shooting so becomes fun, exciting, not heavy at all. Are you ready to join the fight? Download the game now via the links below.