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  • 1.83.44255649
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  • 700 MB
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  • Free
  • publisher
  • Netflix, Inc.
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  • Android 11 and up

If you love the famous Grand Theft Auto GTA series, but want something a little lighter and newer, you can try GTA III – NETFLIX. This action-shooter role-playing game is available on mobile and only to Netflix members. If you use this app, what are you waiting for to try it out?

Introduction to t GTA III – NETFLIX

The GTA world for Netflix users!

Netflix and the colorful gaming world

Netflix in recent years has promoted the gaming industry on its app, exclusively for Netflix members. When it was just starting to explore the game market, many people thought that games on Netflix were probably only casual, puzzles, light interactive novels, and that kind of thing. But now, that thought is no longer true.

Netflix spends more heavily, combined with many developers publishing games in all genres, so it now has a fairly complete game store, which can be said to bring all aspects of experience to players will all ages. This game store has been boosted in investment many times since this year, according to Netflix’s most recent announcement, promising a lively confrontation with other application platforms.

A typical example of this spectacular innovation is the presence of a number of quality action role-playing games, including GTA III – NETFLIX, a mini version of GTA on Netflix.

The world of crime at your fingertips

Playing the role of a notorious criminal in GTA III – NETFLIX, you become the center of the criminal underworld. There are all kinds of business activities and illegal actions in there. Robbery, bank robbery, shooting for territory, selling weapons, drugs… There’s nothing you can’t do as a bad person.

Mixed in with the countless memorable actions mentioned above is a fairly in-depth story revolving around the animosity between gangsters and gang factions in the underground city. Through that, a complex relationship with many overlapping emotions gradually appears, taking you from one knot to another.

The main character of GTA III – NETFLIX is Claude. In the past, Claude, his fiery girlfriend Catalina, and a few other criminals committed a daring bank robbery in Liberty City. But when the group fled, the girlfriend turned around and wanted to eliminate Claude to take his money. Although the bullet did not kill Claude, it left him behind, and had to go to jail.

The events in GTA III – NETFLIX are several years after that event. Claude now, thanks to a rare chance, was released from prison early. He is determined to regain what he lost, repay his old rival, and show off his prestige, gradually taking over entire the Liberty City.

The context is similar to the original GTA version

Players who love shooting action role-playing games are no strangers to the famous GTA series on many platforms. This game series allows players to become criminals, pimps, and gangsters.

In GTA III – NETFLIX, you also experience an epic open world like that. There, from the environment to the images, lighting, combat effects, and resolution have all been completely improved. Partly to bring a new, modern feeling, more suitable for young gamers. The rest are intended to be more suitable for most mid-range and high-end mobile devices.

The context is therefore still familiar, a shimmering Liberty City on the outside, turbid on the inside with tons of criminals roaming around. But the re-imagining is fresher, and more dynamic, making a good impression on many players, helping the game in particular as well as the game segment on Netflix expand the user base.

High-speed driving

GTA III – NETFLIX in particular, or GTA in general, will always be known to players for its gunfights, crazy fights, along high-speed racing scenes on the streets. The gangster you are playing can blatantly point a gun at any passerby, steal their vehicle, and use it to escape.

So you will in turn experience all types of cars available in the city. From motorbikes, motorbikes, to cars, racing cars, trucks, or even airplanes… For each type of vehicle, the control mechanism, speed and way of moving on the road are all different, bringing many new driving simulation experiences to players.

The streets of Liberty City are quite bustling and crowded. So sometimes, even if you don’t obey traffic laws, or even have to run away from aggressive police behind you, you shouldn’t hit anyone if you don’t want your car to slow down.

Remember to be careful not to let your car get damaged. Also, look at the fuel bar to fill up with gas or hijack another vehicle if needed. The goal is always to use the vehicle to escape any pursuing enemies or have an exciting race with new gang members.

The shooting mechanism is simple and precise

To support mobile and tablet players as much as possible in playing an action role-playing game, the developer has reset some details for the gameplay of GTA III – NETFLIX.

First is the mini-map, now with built-in GPS. You can move closer to your target more easily through detailed positioning capabilities. The second utility is the weapon transfer mechanism. With just one button on the screen, you can quickly switch weapons when fighting. Everything now is much faster.

The shooting mechanism has also been redesigned to be more modern. There are separate aim and shoot buttons, located close to each other, making it easy to operate and separating the two actions to help you avoid making mistakes when shooting, especially in tense confrontations with enemies or police.

Download GTA III – NETFLIX APK for Android

GTA III – NETFLIX is an action role-playing game worth playing on the Netflix mobile app. The quality of the game is proof of the spectacular transformation of Netflix’s ever-expanding game store.