• name
  • Gradient
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  • 300 MB
  • version
  • 2.10.17
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  • Free
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  • Premium Unlocked
  • requires
  • Android 8.0 and up

Gradient is an innovative photo editing application that specializes in transforming photos with AI-powered filters, effects, and enhancements. This app gained popularity for its ability to create unique and artistic edits using advanced machine learning algorithms.

Introduction to Gradient

Gradient is a photo and video editing app that uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to enhance and transform facial features. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices and can be downloaded for free from the respective app stores.

What is Gradient?

Gradient is a photo editing app that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to apply creative filters, effects, and enhancements to photos. Released in 2019, Gradient quickly gained attention for its ability to generate realistic and stunning transformations using AI technology.

AI-Based Face Transformation

Gradient offers AI-powered tools to transform faces in photos. Users can apply filters that change their appearance to resemble famous celebrities, historical figures, or even paintings. The app uses sophisticated facial recognition algorithms to generate realistic transformations.

Artistic Effects and Filters

Explore a wide range of artistic filters and effects available in Gradient. From vintage styles to modern interpretations, Gradient offers creative options to enhance and stylize photos. Users can experiment with different looks and moods, transforming ordinary photos into unique artworks.

Background Removal and Replacement

Gradient allows users to easily remove backgrounds from photos or replace them with custom backgrounds. This feature enables creative compositions and seamless integration of subjects into new environments.

Makeup and Beauty Enhancements

Enhance portraits with virtual makeup and beauty enhancements using Gradient’s AI tools. Users can adjust skin tone, apply makeup effects, and refine facial features for a polished and flattering appearance.

Age Transformation

With Gradient, users can visualize how they might look at different ages. The app uses AI to generate realistic age progression or regression effects based on facial features captured in photos.

Artistic Portrait Styles

Gradient offers unique portrait styles inspired by famous artists and art movements. Users can transform their photos into artistic masterpieces reminiscent of renowned paintings, adding a creative touch to their edits.

User-Friendly Interface

Gradient features an intuitive interface designed for easy navigation and seamless editing. The app’s layout and controls allow users to apply AI transformations with minimal effort, making photo editing accessible to all skill levels.

Elevate Your Photos with Gradient

Gradient leverages AI technology to offer innovative and artistic photo editing capabilities. Whether you’re looking to transform faces, experiment with creative filters, or enhance portraits, Gradient provides a unique platform for expressive and imaginative photo editing.

MOD APK version of Gradient

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Explore the endless possibilities of AI-driven photo transformations with Gradient. Transform your photos into personalized artworks, experiment with visual effects, and unleash your creativity with this innovative photo editing app. With Gradient, editing photos becomes an engaging and dynamic experience, empowering users to transform images with AI-powered magic.