* NEW! GPX file viewer added
* NEW! Customise App BG with solid color
* NEW! GPS Time added
* NEW! Compass Skins added
* NEW! Weather Pro feature added
* NEW! Altimeter feature added. Enjoy your trekking!
* Share your altitude you reached on leaderboard and challenge others.
* Customise your app background image and mobile wallpaper screen.
* Get rain alerts and stay dry

GPS Tools

GPS Tools may be a terribly essential app for any reasonably travellers, appropriate for people who rely upon GPS and its connected functionalities. It conjointly helps you to to seek out your location, speed, weather, compass heading etc,.

GPS Tools is AN distinctive application in Tools class which incorporates vey helpful GPS primarily based tools. these days we tend to ar motion additional and typically obtaining stopped at road while not knowing route to the destination. you’re near to get the answer for that. simply transfer this free app which is able to assist you all told your travel wants.

GPS Tools helps the users to trace their phone and helps to seek out the phone whereas it had been lost. It conjointly helps the users to trace their friends and relations to grasp wherever they’re.

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Tools Included:
★ Location Finder
★ Speed
★ Weather
★ Compass
★ GPS Satellites
★ Sensors
★ Track your lost phone
★ GPS Alarm
★ Map Tools (Distance Finder, space Finder, Altitude Finder)
★ GeoUID
★ indicator Meter
★ and additional tools on approaching updates

★ Clean and straightforward UI that you may love
★ realize correct location and connected address. you’ll share the situation to your friends so they’ll apprehend your location
★ realize correct speed in rate, MPH and KNOT units. Statistics of ‘All time liquid ecstasy Speed’ and ‘Today’s liquid ecstasy Speed’ can allow you to analyse your speed
★ Get correct current weather & forecast report and arrange your visits consequently
★ Magnetic / Target Compass provides heading direction towards destination you set.
★ Tracks and helps you to seek out your lost phone
★ Shows the position of accessible GPS satellites and their signal strength
★ Shows the offered phone sensors and its standing and values
★ GPS Alarm – Notifies or alerts you whereas you’re in or reaching the region you set
★ Helps to seek out the surface level and might be employed by carpenter and designers
★ Map tools – Helps you to seek out distance, space or altitude of any location or region you decide on
★ GeoUID following helps you to trace your relations, friends or anybody mistreatment this app
★ Helps in truck/vehicle management. For additional information please visit: _

Who ar all will use this app?
★ folks that ar all motion by their own vehicles
★ folks that ar all reaching to business places
★ folks that ar all frequent travellers
★ folks that ar all carpenters and designers