• name
  • GoreBox
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  • 14.4.9
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  • Free
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  • F²Games
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  • Android 5.1 and up

GoreBox is a strange sandbox action game where you will unleash your frenzied energy. Play as a gunner, navigate freely and bombard all enemies with a huge arsenal of ammunition.

About GoreBox

Sandbox on the subject of gunner fighting!

The strange attraction of the sandbox game

Sandbox games have never been less exciting. It is unlike the open world where everything has been designed and presented according to a predetermined random formula. With sandbox, everything is like a blank sheet of paper, you can “write” on it yourself everything in your own way.

Create your own characters, build your own battlefield, bring your own opponents or enemies, write your own script for everything in a huge unlimited space. Because of this free, liberal, unpredictable and full of unexpected surprises, sandbox games have achieved remarkable achievements on many platforms, including mobile.

Many sandbox games take advantage of their strengths to delve into construction creativity, and many games choose the direction of violent action to get a series of surprises for players. If you’re looking for a typical sandbox game that focuses on fast-paced, heavy-duty action, go for GoreBox.

Play as a sniper

Creativity is not limited, but your main role in GoreBox is to transform into a professional gunner. The biggest pleasure of GoreBox players is creating their own, and participating in a series of explosive battles. All encounters, hostile objects, traps, weapons and equipment are created by you.

No matter how many things you have in your hand, no matter who you know in advance, their hidden abilities and artificial intelligence introduced by the game itself, you cannot know. Always be in a position of holding your weapon firmly, be careful not to become a prey for your own creation.

Creativity without borders

GoreBox offers endless creative possibilities. You can create, arrange, layout or customize your own maps. Even activities can be created without limit. It’s all possible and you’re actively creating in this game.

On top of that, as a creator, you will manipulate the environment, creating or destroying things one by one or choosing to destroy them all with a genocidal virus. You can also arrange, organize, bring up your own opponents, hostile factions and find a way to shoot them one by one.

GoreBox, as the world of the popular Westwood series in miniature on the mobile screen, is where you can create everything yourself and go in to experience the world of your own creation. Then when it’s no longer interesting, knock it all down and rebuild from scratch.

Rich range of rare tools

What GoreBox brings can only be wrapped in a word “chaos”. The unpredictable anomaly of this 3D sandbox game makes the players themselves sometimes not be able to react even though it is what they first came up with.

Like many other sandbox games, GoreBox gives you a lot of furniture and tools to freely use in situations. In addition to preparing for the crazy blood available, you are also given a huge arsenal of advanced weapons with unpredictable brutal items, guns, bullets, detonators, bombs, mines and a variety of tools to design tons of scary enemies or weird ragdolls. There are also poisonous means such as dharma towers, blood collection systems, and items that cut enemies. How much is enough for you to start creating your own scenarios for the craziest battles?

Is playing GoreBox entertaining?

Although it is a creative sandbox gameplay combined with high-speed shooting action, the expression in GoreBox is equally funny. You may be startled by the large round face of an enemy looming in front of you like a caricature. You can also laugh when you find yourself falling into the trap you set earlier. Many unpredictable situations along with the ability to interact with objects and construction tools gave GoreBox a pleasant surprise.

It was this surprise that provoked laughter and comfort in the players. This is also a good point, the hidden charm of a game that applies the sandbox concept.

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