• name
  • GOKA Street
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  • 0.0.1
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  • 1 GB
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  • Free
  • publisher
  • Blay Games
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  • Android

Have you ever played the football game Battle Royale, but in a funny way? Try searching for the name GOKA Street and start an adventure into the sports world of this game!

About GOKA Street

Get ready to join the Football Battle Royale!

When football combines with battle royale?

Football, the king of sports, is often associated with games that are formal, meticulous, and serious. If you have a passionate love for football but haven’t enjoyed a fun, humorous game for a long time, don’t wait anymore, just play GOKA Street and enjoy this game!

Battle Royale is a life-and-death arena game. In which you and other players are usually taken to a certain location, and then have to fight together until your last breath. There is only one survivor, who is also the only winner. A chance to survive, a supreme reward, everyone strives to compete for, sometimes using all sorts of tricks.

There have been quite a few action fighting games based on this intense gameplay. However, I haven’t seen any game that combines the sports competition genre with battle royale, until I play GOKA Street.

GOKA Street is a battle royale game that takes place with thrilling football matches. Your task is to continuously compete with many other players on the same training ground, a certain arena, or a certain competition field to win for yourself.

Upgrade character appearance

When having a lot of experience points, players can unlock many new equipment, clothes, and accessories to add to their character. Soon, you can create a quality player, unique, so unique that it will surprise others. The better you are, the more advantage you will have in the match.

Compete with other players and become the winner

You may thought that you would be in a team with other players, and start fighting with each other team one by one. But GOKA Street unfolded in a completely unexpected way.

In a fairly short period, you and several other players will enter a grass match. There is only one goal on the field. One of the players will be chosen to be the goalkeeper. The remaining players will compete for the ball to shoot into the net. When someone successfully kicks in, the goalkeeper will change, and the remaining players will continue to win the ball and shoot into the net.

Just like that until the time ends, the player who scores the most goals into the net will be the winner.


Not to mention funny 3D characters, the gameplay that promotes the trick is the main humorous factor for the game. It can be a distraction, secretly scoring a goal, or any other scheme that is glowing in your mind.

Try your best with all the most cunning ideas, who knows, maybe they will help you win absolutely. But assuming you don’t do that when playing GOKA Street, someone else will do it too, so why not be as creative as possible?

Bonus points

If 2 players score the same number of goals, the game will consider the distance of those shots from each other. Whoever often successfully kicks the ball from a longer distance will score higher. Note that every time the goalkeeper blocks a shot, the point for that time will belong to the goalkeeper. This way, no matter what role you play on the field, you have an equal chance of scoring points.

The matches are short but dramatic

Each match in GOKA Street lasts only a few minutes. But in that short time, every player of the match is allowed to unleash all of their most sophisticated techniques, abilities, skills, and tricks to help themselves win, and also remember to use your “tricks”. With this freedom, of course, whoever has more clever and skillful members will be more likely to win.

Funny cartoon-style graphics

Developed with 3D graphics, and bright and bustling colors, GOKA Street brings a sense of humor from the first minute. You can choose and customize your own character, combining all your favorite things, creating a player like no other, the more unique, the more fun.

A body made from hundreds of balloons, combined with pointed triangular ends, and a fluttering red bow. Or an extremely large muscular arm coupled with an effeminate body… Using all your imagination to create unique players. The more humorous, the more fun the game will be.

Download GOKA Street APK for Android

GOKA Street is an amazing battle royale football game. Let’s download this game on APKMOD.CC and play it right away!