• name
  • GFX Tool Pro for BGMI
  • file size
  • 12 MB
  • version
  • 30.5.0
  • price
  • $0.99 Free
  • publisher
  • CornerDesk Inc.
  • mod features
  • Not available
  • requires
  • Android 8.0 and up

Not all mobile game enthusiasts have devices with powerful configurations to play PUBG Mobile or Rules Of Survival games which are so heavy. If you lower the configuration a little, you can still play those games, but the game graphics will be very bad, especially for low-profile Android devices or old iPhones.

Now you do not need to worry because you have GFX Tool Pro for BGMI, a support application to play PUBG games. This is considered the perfect solution for gamers to play PUBG without worrying about lag. You will no longer be annoyed because you can’t activate the highest graphics level. Don’t worry, GFX Tool will support playing PUBG mobile effectively.

About GFX Tool Pro for BGMI

GFX Tool Pro for BGMI is a utility app designed for players of the popular mobile battle royale game Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). The app is available for Android devices and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

The app provides players with a variety of tools and settings that can be used to optimize the game’s graphics and improve its performance on their device. The app is designed to work with a wide range of Android devices, from low-end phones to high-end gaming phones.

Understandably, GFX Tool Pro for BGMI is a tool that allows users to make certain customizations in the PUBG game. It helps players explore different forms of Internet censorship, and control network speed/ performance as well as video game streaming performance. It increases shading, and resolution or increases optimization to make the game work smoother.

One of the most popular mobile games is PUBG Mobile which has been attracting many gamers from all over the world. The game is loved for its great graphics, attractive design, and variety of weapons. However, the game sometimes gets lagged when playing. Therefore, GFX Tool Pro for BGMI was born to solve this problem, giving you a smoother gaming experience. This tool is available on Android as well as iOS for users to easily download.

GFX Tool Pro for BGMI helps to modify the game’s textures, allowing players to tweak the original settings for smoother visuals. In fact, some GFX Tool applications can interfere with the game and work easily, and some cannot.

Some outstanding features of GFX Tool Pro for BGMI.

Adjust the resolution up to 1080p

This application has a large resolution (up to 1080p), helping to control and adjust the image on the display screen at the highest quality. Therefore, users can play games with smooth configuration and never worry about lag.

Graphics Settings

GFX Tool Pro for BGMI allows players to adjust the game’s graphics settings to suit their device’s capabilities. This includes options to adjust the resolution, shadows, textures, and other visual effects. The app provides a variety of presets to choose from, or players can customize the settings to their liking.

FPS Settings

The app also allows players to adjust the game’s frame rate to improve its performance on their device. This includes options to lock the frame rate, enable anti-aliasing, and adjust the render distance.

Advanced Settings

GFX Tool Pro for BGMI also provides access to advanced settings that are not available in the game’s settings menu. This includes options to disable background services, clear the game’s cache, and enable or disable game-specific optimizations.

Easy to Use

The app is easy to use, with a simple and intuitive interface that allows players to quickly adjust the game’s settings. The app provides detailed explanations of each setting, making it easy for players to understand the impact of each change.


GFX Tool Pro for BGMI is designed to work with a wide range of Android devices, from low-end phones to high-end gaming phones. The app is regularly updated to ensure compatibility with the latest version of BGMI.

Overall, GFX Tool Pro for BGMI is an essential app for players looking to improve the performance and graphics of Battlegrounds Mobile India on their Android device. Its range of tools and settings provides players with the flexibility to customize the game to their liking and get the best possible gaming experience.