• Portuguese translation (Thank you Adalberto Fontenele)!

Cracked Info:

  • Pro features Unlocked

  • No Key Needed

Gesture Control – Next level navigation: Get the maximum out of your android device! Learn to appreciate the benefits of gesture-based navigation. There was never before, a more natural way, to control your smartphone. Let the future begin!

Currently these gestures are available:

  • Swipe up/left/right
  • Swipe up/left/right and hold
  • “Half” Swipe up
  • “Half” Swipe up and hold
  • Double tap (Donation/Pro version)
  • Long tap (Donation/Pro version)
  • Double tap and hold (Donation/Pro version)

Currently you can invoke these actions with gestures:

  • Back
  • Home
  • Recent apps
  • Notifications
  • Quick Settings
  • Screen off
  • Most recent app
  • Power Dialog (Power off, reboot on some devices, etc.)
  • Multiwindow (Android 7+)
  • Google assistant (if installed)
  • Execute Tasker tasks (Pro, requires Tasker)
  • Volume actions (Partially Pro required)
  • Show information (Partially Pro required )
  • Media control (Partially Pro required)
  • Brightness control (Partially Pro required)
  • Launch other apps(Pro required)
  • Internal actions (Hide Bar for specific period, hide bar until app switch, etc. – Partially Pro)
  • Power off options, Take screenshot, etc. (Root, Partially Pro)