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New guides:
- GCS assessment
- COCP counselling
- IUS counselling
- Faecal occult blood test counselling

Updated guides:
- New images added to our surgical scrubbing guide

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In want of a refresher? Quickly review a guide by swiping through the photographs of the key steps concerned, no web needed.

Ready to place yourself or a colleague to the test? The examination mode makes assessment simple with intrinsic listing mark schemes and customisable timer practicality.

Learn how to interpret AN EKG, ABG, CXR, AXR and a lot of with our amazing knowledge interpretation guides.

Need to work on your communication skills? examine our assortment of free history taking guides to assist you inure exams (OSCE / USMLE).

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The app contains a variety of free guides as well as vas clinical skills and therefore the entire communication skills section. to realize access to any or all of the guides within the app, you want to purchase a cheap subscription (one fee to unlock all content), that helps support current development.

Guide classes include:
• vas
• metabolism
• epithelial duct
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• system
• Endocrine
• tocology • Ear, Nose & Throat
• Breast examination
• Clinical procedures
• History taking
• info giving
• Advanced communication
• knowledge interpretation
• Written skills
• Surgery
• Emergency