• name
  • Furious Drag Racing 2023
  • version
  • 4.8
  • file size
  • 61 MB
  • price
  • Free
  • publisher
  • Hammerhead Studio
  • mod features
  • Unlimited Money
  • requires
  • Android 8.0

Furious Drag Racing 2023 is based on the racing inspiration in the movie Fast and Furious. Although not an official game, it is also on the list of favorite racing games on mobile. Have you ever experienced the bustling competitive atmosphere here?

About Furious Drag Racing 2023

Fast Furious style mobile racing game!

What’s different in Furious Drag Racing 2023?

Furious Drag Racing 2023 simply sets out to become the most skilled driver in the city. You will experience many types of speed racing cars from famous brands, show off your talent in pulling the car through tricky and narrow roads, showing off your extraordinary driving skills. Furious Drag Racing 2023 also offers a number of attractive game modes, from classic to new, so you can compete with your driving skills under different types of pressure.

Although Furious Drag Racing 2023 is not too excellent in terms of graphics, nor is it a very different racing game on mobile, its highly realistic physics simulation capabilities will surprise you many times. No matter what your speed or what road you’re on, you’ll find ultimate fun in hot competitions in the city.

Through vehicle customization to explore play styles

Customizing your race car in the second stage isn’t just about creating a new, stylish look, it also helps you better pursue your competition goals.

During that customization process, you may gradually come to realize your unique playing style. Are you someone who pursues speed, or appreciates technicality in maneuvering? With each customization and test drive of the car when taking it to the track, you will gradually get the answer about your favorite playing style.

Win, get bonuses, upgrade cars

Like the process of many other racing games, Furious Drag Racing 2023 players overcome different challenges (depending on the game mode) to defeat all opponents on the road (AI opponents or other players).

Depending on the high position achieved in the race, you will receive bonuses. This money accumulates to buy new parts to upgrade the current car. And when you have enough money, you can absolutely buy a new racing car to give yourself another vivid experience.

Furious Drag Racing 2023 currently has hundreds of custom parts and nearly 20 types of modern racing cars with different stats and racing effects.

With customization, based on driving experience, as well as detailed requirements to support the current vehicle in each racetrack, you will choose to spend money on the corresponding part. With the purchase of a new car, depending on the amount of money you have and the goal you want to test ahead, each player will have their own choice for their favorite car model.

The city is highly realistic

Even though you are participating in illegal underground races, the world you are in is a real city just like in real life. This place is a fictional Tokyo city, with racetracks and many dangers and obstacles. There were modern high-rise buildings dominating the view, and winding through them were a series of small winding roads that were difficult for the race.

The weather in the morning, afternoon and evening also brings clearly different racing inspiration. At night, the city sparkles with colored lights. The bright sky breathes life but is somewhat quiet. The context for each time of day and different weather conditions also has large variations. You never get bored in this game.

Two car upgrade levels

With vehicle upgrades, Furious Drag Racing 2023 is temporarily divided into 2 levels. You can choose external elements to upgrade and change the vehicle’s appearance, such as paint color, roof, rearview mirror, decal… These custom elements almost do not cost too much, they only have an effect. Used on the vehicle’s appearance, the rest does not affect racing performance.

Level two, more profound, is to completely change important parts inside the car to readjust the car’s index. Thereby, you will achieve new goals on the track. For example, changing the engine helps the car reach maximum speed, changing the wheels and brakes helps perform amazing drag scenes or increase acceleration to the highest level.

MOD APK version of Furious Drag Racing 2023

MOD features

  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Tokens


Gold, Coins and Tokens do not decrease.

Download Furious Drag Racing 2023 APK & MOD for Android

Furious Drag Racing 2023 is a whirlwind where you can race at speeds of over 100 kilometers per hour. This is also where a group of powerful and impressive racing cars are gathered waiting for you to compete in the high physics fantasy city of Tokyo.