• name
  • Forest
  • version
  • 4.74.0
  • file size
  • 171 MB
  • price
  • Free
  • publisher
  • Seekrtech
  • mod features
  • Premium Unlocked
  • requires
  • Android 5.0 and up

Forest is an application designed to help you regain focus and boost productivity at work and during study sessions, using a charming and interactive timer that incorporates meaningful tree planting activities.

Introduction to Forest

Forest is your adorable focus timer companion, aimed at keeping you focused and enhancing productivity.

Optimize Your Ability to Focus and Remember

Many factors in life can diminish our ability to concentrate. When focus wanes, it becomes challenging to achieve desired results in our studies or professional endeavors.

If you find yourself struggling with distractions, it’s time to download Forest.

This app functions like a biological clock, assisting users in improving concentration levels during work or study. Through delightful activities like planting virtual trees, Forest stimulates the mind and encourages the development of daily habits of focus and patience.

Due to its practical effectiveness, soothing effects, and positive impact on users, Forest has received numerous prestigious awards, including being voted the best mobile app on Google Play in 2018 and earning accolades as the best app of the year in 2015-2016.

How to Use Forest to Enhance Self-Focus

When you begin using Forest, you plant a small seed to signify the start of your work session.

As you maintain maximum concentration, this seed gradually grows into a tree. However, if focus is lost, the seed withers away—a compelling visual representation of your productivity.

The sense of accomplishment derived from seeing a glowing forest, where each tree symbolizes your dedication, motivates you to overcome procrastination and develop better time management habits.

The motivation to cultivate your own forest in Forest stems from two factors:

The more effort you invest in concentration, the more your plants thrive. Users can build an impressive collection of colorful, ornamental plants that reflect their focus and dedication.
Forest supports various concentration-enhancing modes, such as alarm and timer modes, providing flexibility in managing time.
Your experience with Forest is personalized. The app includes a Planting Reminder feature that prompts you whenever you set your phone aside. Additionally, inspiring quotes and sayings foster motivation and inspiration.

What’s Included in Forest Premium?

In addition to the aforementioned basic features, upgrading to Forest Premium unlocks advanced support:

Detailed focus time statistics and analytics through the Statistics feature.
The Plant Together feature enables focus sessions with friends and family.
Access to exclusive events across different servers, offering inspiration to stay focused and contribute to environmental causes.

MOD APK version of Forest

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Premium Unlocked

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Forest is a valuable and practical application that you should install and start using today to ensure maximum focus on your work and studies. Productivity stems from hours of uninterrupted concentration. Don’t let distractions interfere with your life for even a moment.