[+] Improved GPS Tracking (Best Results for all sports activities)
[+] Improved Weight Log for Weight Loss
[+] New Free Workout: HIIT Full Body Workout
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Track running distance, time, speed, elevation and calories burned with the FITAPP running app – YOUR personal fitness and health diary ?. It uses GPS tracking to support you during all your sporting activities, be it running, jogging ?, cycling ?, inline skating, mountain biking ??, nordic walking, cross-country skiing, hiking ??, golfing ?️, riding ?, walking the dog ?, long boarding, or whichever winter sport ? takes your fancy. It will also help you to lose weight, count your calories, maintain your target weight or simply to stay fit ?. Take a SNAP ? of your favourite route, your personal best or your favourite hike in the great outdoors ?. You can then post ? your sporting prowess on social media networks and embark on a journey with your friends into your fit ? futures together!

★ Do you want to use GPS to track and register ? your sporting activities?
★ Do you want to compare a wide variety of sports?
★ Do you want support while you run ?, cycle ?, mountain bike or carry out your favourite activity?
★ Do you want to lose weight ? fast and do you need to know how many calories you have burnt?
★ Do you want to improve your health ? or maintain your target weight?
★ Do you want to combine sport with fun ? and share your activities with your friends? Yes to any of these? Then FITAPP is the right app for you!

Via GPS you can easily track what you have achieved, calculate calories burnt and save everything to your health diary. FITAPP provides you with your exact location via GPS. Unlike other apps, it requires only minimal battery and nominal storage space. ?

With FITAPP fitness app you can also track and compare different types of activities using GPS. All entries are saved to your health diary ?, giving you an overview of all your achievements ?. You can instantly see how many calories you could still burn and how much you need to lose to reach your target weight. FITAPP is your personal fitness trainer, whether you want to run a marathon, or simply improve your health ? and fitness. FITAPP can help you to increase your stamina, lose weight, or maintain your weight. FITAPP also has a built-in BMI (body mass index) calculator to help you keep your target weight in your sights. Just type in your height and weight to see if you are under or overweight. FITAPP helps you to reach your ideal body shape and to stay healthy and fit without you needing to worry – you will achieve your goals! ?
Take a SNAP ? after every sporting activity, whether it is your favourite route, a selfie or a landscape and share it with your friends. ?

★ Records duration, distance and pace via GPS Tracker ?
★ Tracks weight and counts calories as per your dietary specifications (helps support weight loss) ?
★ Voice feedback (total duration, calories, distance, current speed, average pace) ?
★ SNAP feature ? (take cool SNAPS of your sporting prowess and share it with your friends) ?

WALKING FOR WEIGHT LOSS: a weight loss plan for burning calories & improving health including warm up, walking & cool down. For people with health conditions or who prefer sedentary lifestyle. Helps you burn fat and lose weight fast.
START RUNNING: training program for people new to running.
RUN 5K / 10K: a running plan guided by a coach to 5k & 10k
MARATHON / HALF MARATHON: a half marathon training plan for runners who plan 21k running or 42k running. Your individual coach to half marathon.

This FREE running app guarantees you will have more fun ? and helps you to stay fit and healthy. FITAPP actively supports you when you are running ?, during training sessions or other sporting activities, and helps you to lose weight or to maintain your ideal weight.


If you have any questions ?, problems or suggestions as to how we could improve, drop us a line: [email protected] ?