• name
  • FAP Goddess
  • file size
  • 112 MB
  • version
  • 1.89.0428.6
  • price
  • Free
  • publisher
  • mod features
  • Damage, Dumb Enemy
  • requires
  • Android 7.0 and up

Side-scrolling role-playing game with a focus on teamwork: that’s Fap Goddess Mod APK. Challenge yourself in this puzzle action RPG’s match-3 block skill gameplay.

About FAP Goddess

Beauty is an essential part of life that anyone wants to aim for; that’s why the role-playing element of FAP Goddess is made better than ever. It’s very different from the typical role-playing games people are used to. The game focuses on improving the strength of its characters and on interactions and worthy rewards.

FAP Goddess is set in a world inhabited by beautiful goddesses, but demons are rampant and spreading havoc. For this, they have called for your help, and you will shoulder a noble mission. You will make those demons pay a fair price for what you did. Even convincing the demon lords to serve them with strength. Since everything was planned, there were no hiccups or unexpected developments. To prove your prowess, you must venture into the dense forest. Learn how to lead new members to help them better and effectively.

You are assembling a team full of the most powerful goddesses to be able to fight in larger, more important battlefields where you can stop the spread of bloodthirsty demons. When facing one of the demonic enemies, you must immediately attack. Each team will have a turn against the other team while using their full ability. You will activate attacks and special moves thanks to the jigsaw. To earn energy, you must destroy identical items; The amount of energy represented by each item is proportional to the member possessing it. Your current level of luck is critical to consider if you want to achieve the most significant potential results in this fight.

Charming character

The most exciting thing you can see is the goddesses in this game. They push you to do well and achieve your goals. The two supreme gods of the sun and the moon are inseparable twin sisters. They protect humanity from relentless evil forces. The jealous goddess Yue waged a great war with the power to create an army of demons. There are also dozens of other goddesses serving under their command. These two mighty armies will destroy each other in epic battles. Each has its unique ability that can help you in combat.

Release hidden features

Each character not only strengthens their strength; Everyone has a secret that can be unraveled with what you have seen. In addition, they can also interact with players through text chat. You can increase your attractiveness and flirt with ladies to win their hearts and set the stage for a blossoming romance. Many people’s fantasy is to date many goddesses simultaneously, and thanks to this simple game, that fantasy can become a reality.

Overcoming challenges

Each level is something that brings you to the limit of your warriors in the team. The situation will become more complicated, requiring greater strength from the party members. Therefore, planning to upgrade them is a must-have strategy. Find the necessary equipment, accumulate more stars and choose infrequent party members. In FAP Goddess, there are many ways you can rise to the position of the leader of the goddesses.

MOD APK version of FAP Goddess

MOD features

1. God
2. DMG x4
3. Enemy dosn´t Attack
4. Enemy dosn´t Move