• name
  • ePSXe for Android
  • file size
  • 9 MB
  • version
  • 2.0.17
  • price
  • $3.75 Free
  • publisher
  • epsxe software s.l.
  • mod features
  • Full Patched, Cheat, BIOS
  • requires
  • Android 2.3+

ePSXe Mod APK for Android is an emulator that allows users to play PlayStation games on their Android devices.

About ePSXe for Android

ePSXe for Android is a feature-rich and highly popular emulator designed specifically for the Android operating system. With its advanced capabilities, it allows users to play PlayStation games on their Android devices, providing an exceptional gaming experience reminiscent of the classic gaming console. This detailed description aims to explore the various aspects of ePSXe for Android, including its features, compatibility, user interface, performance, customization options, and more.


  1. Wide Game Compatibility: ePSXe for Android supports a vast library of PlayStation games, including both commercial and homemade titles. It ensures smooth gameplay for a majority of games, preserving the original graphics, sound, and controls.
  2. Enhanced Graphics and Sound: The emulator employs advanced rendering techniques to enhance the graphics of PlayStation games on Android devices. It allows users to adjust various graphical settings, such as resolution, texture filtering, and shader effects, to further enhance the visual experience. Additionally, ePSXe for Android provides accurate sound emulation, delivering authentic audio playback.
  3. Controller Support: The app supports various input methods, including virtual touchscreen controls, external gamepads, and Bluetooth controllers. Users can customize the on-screen controls to suit their preferences and even map hardware buttons on their device to replicate the PlayStation controller layout.
  4. Save and Load States: ePSXe for Android enables users to save and load game progress at any point, allowing for quick resumption of gameplay without the need for traditional in-game saving.
  5. Cheat Codes: The emulator incorporates a cheat code functionality, enabling users to enhance or modify gameplay by inputting cheat codes for specific games. This feature adds an extra layer of customization and enjoyment for players.
  6. Multiplayer Support: ePSXe for Android provides the capability to connect multiple devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, allowing users to enjoy multiplayer gaming with friends. This feature is especially appealing for games that originally supported multiplayer functionality on the PlayStation console.

User Interface and User Experience

  1. Intuitive Interface: ePSXe for Android boasts a user-friendly and intuitive interface, designed to provide seamless navigation and ease of use. The app features a well-organized layout with clear icons and menus, ensuring that users can quickly access the desired settings and options.
  2. On-Screen Overlays: The emulator includes on-screen overlays for controls, such as virtual buttons and analog sticks, which can be positioned according to the user’s preference. These overlays are highly customizable, allowing users to resize, reposition, and adjust the transparency of the controls to optimize gameplay.
  3. Haptic Feedback: ePSXe for Android supports haptic feedback, providing tactile sensations when interacting with on-screen controls. This feature enhances the overall gaming experience, making it more immersive and responsive.

Performance and Customization

  1. High Compatibility and Performance: ePSXe for Android is known for its excellent compatibility with a wide range of Android devices. The emulator is optimized to provide smooth gameplay even on lower-end devices, ensuring that players can enjoy PlayStation games without significant performance issues.
  2. Customization Options: The app offers a plethora of customization options, enabling users to tweak various settings according to their preferences. These settings include video rendering modes, audio options, frame skipping, and more, allowing users to optimize performance and visual fidelity based on their device’s capabilities.
  3. Virtual Memory Cards: ePSXe for Android provides virtual memory card support, allowing users to save and manage their game progress. This eliminates the need for physical memory cards and ensures the convenience of saving and loading games directly from the emulator.

Additional Features

  1. Disc Image Support: The emulator supports various disc image formats, such as ISO, BIN, IMG, and PBP, enabling users to load games directly from their device’s storage.
  1. Fast Forward and Rewind: ePSXe for Android offers a fast forward feature, allowing users to speed up gameplay during certain sections. Additionally, a rewind feature enables users to go back in time and correct mistakes or replay challenging sections of a game.
  2. External Controller Support: The app extends support to a wide range of external controllers, including popular models from brands like PlayStation, Xbox, and more. This compatibility ensures seamless integration and enhanced gameplay experience.


ePSXe for Android stands as a feature-rich and powerful emulator, allowing users to relive their favorite PlayStation games on their Android devices. With its extensive game compatibility, enhanced graphics and sound, customization options, and intuitive user interface, it has gained immense popularity among gamers. Whether you’re a nostalgic enthusiast or a newcomer to PlayStation gaming, ePSXe for Android offers an exceptional platform to indulge in classic gaming experiences on your Android device.

MOD APK version of ePSXe for Android

MOD features

  • Full Patched
  • Cheat
  • BI

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ePSXe for Android is a testament to the longevity of classic PlayStation games. Even after more than 20 years, these games still attract a large number of players every day. Whether you want to relive your childhood experience or a newcomer to the world of classic gaming, ePSXe for Android is an exceptional app that brings the nostalgia and excitement of the past right in the palm of your hand.