• name
  • Elderand
  • file size
  • 1 GB
  • version
  • 0.0.1
  • price
  • Free
  • publisher
  • PID Games
  • mod features
  • Not available
  • requires
  • Android

Become the hero of an epic quest in Elderand, a metroidvania that will test your will and skill. Heads will literally roll in this gruesome, retro-inspired action platformer, where only the strong will survive in brutal, skill-based combat against terrifying creatures.

About Elderand

Immerse yourself in the classic dark world!

Explore the land of darkness

Elderand leads the player to a vast land, full of turns, where only darkness reigns day and night. Many people have come, facing the fearsome Lovecraft creatures in the hope of destroying them all, paving the way for the light to come in. But they all failed. The dead turned into poor souls drifting aimlessly in the endless darkness. As time passed, the number of people who turned into lamenting souls could not be counted. No one dares to step foot in this land.

Only you, the only remaining hero of the land, one who has earned a reputation for being rude, is unwilling to accept this fact. You always cherish the desire to make yourself stronger every day and eventually go into the dark land, meet the spirits, listen to their instructions, and decide to fight a battle with the monsters here.

When platformer combines Metroidvania

Metroidvania is a fork of the platformer. This concept was built through the classic game series Castlevania with the theme of a legendary vampire war. Metroidvania has its own vitality and gameplay. The biggest feature of this genre is that there are many systems of branching paths, closely connected. Choosing one path will help you open up the next path, inadvertently leading to different endings of the general store.

Elderand is a game that has both classic horizontal screen action elements, and Metroidvania style and is made from smooth 16-bit graphics with a 90’s mark. The three qualities are just mentioned in the same turn on a mobile game, immersed in the dark story of the character, which will bring you a block of surprises.

Fight with ghastly creatures

In this land of darkness, anything can squeeze a weak person. The rule here, apart from the terrible monsters, only those who are strong enough to overcome them can survive.

To become the leader here, erasing the past of your predecessors, you will have to struggle in a series of deadly battles. Monsters can appear from every corner of the dark streets.

They not only terrify you because of their towering, huge appearance. The twisted body, cold-blooded ferocity, and counter-attacks also became terror in the player.

Most of the monsters in Elderand are inspired by Lovecraft. You have the opportunity to meet the famous strange creatures from the famous Lovecraft series of horror novels. They not only appear to be terrifying but also can intelligently fight back, possessing attacks that make you dizzy. Anytime in the dark streets, there is mortal danger lurking.

Role-playing element

Elderand is a Metroidvania platformer game and also has many clear role-playing elements. Every time a monster is defeated, there will be a selection of items or skills for the player to collect. By making a series of choices, you will create a unique development path for your character.

Also from that particular fighting style, the combat experience is formed in different ways. In general, you are free to act as you please. Decide on your own stats, skills, weapons, and even your character’s appearance.

Clean every corner of the dangerous land

Wherever you go, with your skills, moves, and custom weapons, you’ll be severely challenged by an array of superior monsters. Adventure through the dark paths, and find a way to destroy the monsters, you will, in turn, bring light to the abandoned villages, and the deep forest. Bring hope to both a temple prison and perennial floating islands.

There are nearly 70 different types of monsters dominating the land of darkness, and more than a dozen bosses are scattered throughout the small lands. To defeat all of them, the adventure ahead must be very long.

Collect secrets and clues from many sources

Sometimes you will get lost if you keep going into battles with no exit. When you do, you’ll need to step back a bit, slow down a beat, and carefully read the clues picked up on the road.

The more enemies fall, the more loot

Elderand’s warriors are both talented in fighting, learning like a god, and being genius in manufacturing. Yet not taking advantage of this crafting ability would be a waste. So the game has allowed the player to re-create his weapon by adding “items” to it.

The next interesting point in Elderand is the loot. Falling giant monsters will drop one or several extremely useful loot. Take advantage of each item one by one to attach, combine with your current weapon, and take it to the next level.

The arsenal with a series of deadly items

When you defeat monsters, you will collect money, gold, and even diamonds. Use these valuable assets to buy more weapons for the character. An interesting point in Elderand is that the brash warrior can master a lot of weapons without spending time learning. From knives, hammers, daggers, axes, whips, and iron swords to bows and arrows, you will meet on the journey.

Each type of weapon has different stats and damage abilities, and usage and effects are also different. The magic scepter can both help hit enemies at long range by emanating supernatural energy streams and can be melee like a sharp spear. As for the giant sword, close combat will bring more advantages.

The more important thing you need to do is to rely on the enemy’s moves, based on the weaknesses of each monster’s appearance, to choose the most suitable weapon in all situations. Full rights to use, full choice, but choosing the smartest is the difference for each player.