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  • edjing PRO
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  • 1.08.04
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  • 32 MB
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  • $5.99 Free
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  • MWM - Music and creative apps for Android
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  • Android

In today’s modern and developed life, becoming a professional DJ is no longer too difficult. DJ classes have opened up in a big way, anyone can take them, and are no longer an overly complicated and rare job like before. However, the common characteristic of these classes is that they are very expensive. Many people, although passionate about music, do not have enough time and money to pursue it.

About edjing PRO

edjing PRO is a professional-grade DJ mixing app available for mobile devices, and it’s particularly popular among DJs and music enthusiasts. It transforms your smartphone or tablet into a powerful DJ setup, allowing you to mix, remix, and manipulate music tracks like a professional DJ. Here’s a detailed description of the “edjing PRO” app:

Professional DJ Interface

edjing PRO offers a user-friendly yet professional interface designed to replicate the experience of using physical DJ equipment. It includes dual turntables, a mixer, and various controls for manipulating audio.

Music Library Integration

The app allows you to access and manipulate tracks from your device’s music library. You can import songs from your device, making it easy to work with your own music collection.

Real-Time Mixing

edjing PRO offers real-time DJ mixing capabilities, enabling you to crossfade between tracks, adjust pitch and tempo, and create smooth transitions between songs.

Sound Effects and Samples

The app provides an array of sound effects and samples that can be triggered and integrated into your mixes. This adds creativity and uniqueness to your DJ sets.


For beginners or those looking for a simplified DJ experience, the app includes an auto-mixing feature that can automatically blend songs together with seamless transitions.

EQ and Effects

edjing PRO features a built-in equalizer and various audio effects that allow you to fine-tune the sound of your mix, applying filters, reverbs, and other effects to enhance the music.

Cue Points and Loops

You can set cue points and loops within songs, allowing you to jump to specific parts of a track or create repeating patterns for remixing and live performances.


The app lets you record your mixes and performances, enabling you to save and share your DJ sets with others.

BPM Detection

edjing PRO can automatically detect the BPM (beats per minute) of your songs, which is crucial for synchronizing and beatmatching tracks.

Sample Integration

You can import your own samples and sounds to use in your DJ sets, giving you a wide range of creative possibilities.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

While the app is available for mobile devices, it also offers cross-platform compatibility with the “edjing Mix” app, allowing you to start a mix on one device and continue on another.

Multi-Format Support

edjing PRO supports various audio formats, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of music files.

Community and Sharing

The app often includes a social component where you can share your mixes with the “edjing” community and discover mixes created by other users.

Premium Features

While the app may offer a free version with limited features, “edjing PRO” often provides a premium version with additional features and tools for serious DJs.

edjing PRO is a versatile and powerful DJ app that caters to both beginners and experienced DJs. Its intuitive interface and professional-grade features make it a go-to choice for those who want to mix and manipulate music on their mobile devices. Whether you’re a budding DJ or an experienced music enthusiast, this app offers a comprehensive DJ experience right at your fingertips.

Download edjing PRO APK free for Android

With edjing PRO, you have complete control over your music creation process, from basic beat making to the more complex steps that a producer must know. This helps you perform music in your own way and create unique and stylish tracks. If you are talented and passionate about music, don’t miss edjing PRO to create impressive products yourself!