• name
  • Earth Inc.
  • version
  • 3.0.0
  • file size
  • 96 MB
  • price
  • Free
  • publisher
  • Treetop Crew
  • mod features
  • Unlimited Money
  • requires
  • Android 5.1 and up

Welcome to Earth Inc., a groundbreaking simulation game that challenges players to take on the role of global leaders tasked with managing the delicate balance between economic prosperity, environmental conservation, and social equity. In this immersive experience, players will navigate complex geopolitical landscapes, make tough policy decisions, and strive to build a sustainable future for humanity.

Introduce Earth Inc.

Build the biggest mining empire in the universe!

Dynamic World Simulation

Earth Inc. features a dynamic world simulation that mirrors real-world dynamics, including climate change, resource depletion, population growth, and geopolitical conflicts. Players must contend with natural disasters, pandemics, economic crises, and other global challenges as they strive to steer the course of civilization towards a more sustainable future.

Economic Development and Innovation

As the CEO of Earth Inc., players will oversee economic development projects aimed at driving growth and prosperity while minimizing environmental impact. From investing in renewable energy infrastructure to promoting sustainable agriculture and green technologies, players must balance short-term economic gains with long-term sustainability goals.

Environmental Conservation and Resource Management

Preserving the planet’s natural resources and ecosystems is paramount in Earth Inc. Players will implement policies to protect biodiversity, mitigate pollution, and combat deforestation, balancing the needs of industry with the imperative of environmental stewardship. The health of the planet and its ecosystems will directly impact the well-being of humanity and the success of civilization.

Social Equity and Human Development

Ensuring social equity and human development is central to Earth Inc.’s mission. Players will address issues such as poverty, inequality, education, healthcare, and access to basic amenities, striving to create a more just and equitable society for all. Building resilient communities and fostering inclusivity will be key to achieving long-term sustainability and prosperity.

Global Cooperation and Diplomacy

In Earth Inc., players will engage in diplomacy and cooperation with other nations to address shared challenges and pursue common goals. International treaties, agreements, and alliances will play a crucial role in tackling issues such as climate change, resource management, and global security. Collaboration across borders will be essential for humanity’s survival and progress.

Technological Advancement and Scientific Research

Investing in innovation and scientific research will be vital for overcoming the complex challenges facing humanity. Players will fund research initiatives, support technological breakthroughs, and harness the power of innovation to develop sustainable solutions to pressing global issues. From clean energy technologies to advanced healthcare systems, science and technology will drive progress in Earth Inc.

Community Engagement and Public Participation

Earth Inc. emphasizes the importance of community engagement and public participation in decision-making processes. Players will interact with citizens, listen to their concerns, and respond to their needs, fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility among the population. Empowering communities to take action and participate in sustainability efforts will be critical for achieving lasting change.

MOD APK version of Earth Inc.

MOD features

  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Diamonds

Coins and Diamonds do not decrease.

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Earth Inc. offers a visionary simulation experience that challenges players to navigate the complexities of global sustainability. By balancing economic development, environmental conservation, and social equity, players will shape the destiny of humanity and chart a course towards a more sustainable and prosperous future. With its dynamic world simulation, emphasis on innovation and collaboration, and focus on community engagement, Earth Inc. inspires players to become stewards of the planet and architects of a brighter tomorrow.