• name
  • Drift Hunters
  • file size
  • 395 MB
  • version
  • 1.5.5
  • price
  • Frree
  • publisher
  • Illia Kaminetskyi
  • mod features
  • Unlimited Money
  • requires
  • Android 5.1 and up

Enjoy drifting & driving awesome cars. Explore beautiful maps, find your favourite drift locations. Do experiments with car tuning. And join the Drift Hunters community!

About Drift Hunters

Drift Hunters is an exhilarating and realistic drifting simulation game that caters to players who have a passion for precision driving and mastering the art of controlled slides. With its attention to realistic physics, diverse car customization options, and challenging tracks, the game offers an immersive experience for drift enthusiasts and racing fans alike.


Drift Hunters revolves around the sport of drifting, where players aim to maintain control of their cars while sliding through turns with precision and style. The game offers a variety of cars, tracks, and customization options to create a comprehensive drifting experience.

Realistic Drifting Physics

Drift Hunters places a strong emphasis on realistic driving physics, making it essential for players to understand weight transfer, throttle control, and countersteering to execute successful drifts.

Car Collection

The game features a wide range of cars, each with its own unique characteristics and handling. Players can select their preferred car models and customize them for optimal drifting performance.

Car Customization

Players can extensively modify their cars, including adjusting suspension settings, upgrading engines, and fine-tuning components to tailor the vehicle to their drifting preferences.

Tracks and Environments

Drift Hunters offers various tracks, ranging from city streets to open circuits, providing a diverse range of environments to master drifting techniques.

Responsive Controls

The game typically features intuitive and responsive controls, allowing players to feel the nuances of the drifting experience and making precise maneuvers.

Scoring and Challenges

Players earn points based on their drifts’ angle, speed, and style. The game often includes challenges and events where players compete to achieve high scores and top leaderboard positions.

Tandem Drifting

Some versions of the game may introduce tandem drifting, allowing players to drift alongside AI opponents or other players, enhancing the competitive aspect of the game.

Visual Customization

Players can customize their cars’ appearances, applying unique paint jobs, decals, and modifications to create a personalized drifting machine.

Upgrades and Progression

As players earn points and currency from successful drifts, they can invest in upgrading their cars’ performance, unlocking new parts, and progressing through the game.

Online Competitions

In certain versions, the game may offer online multiplayer features, allowing players to compete against friends or other drifters from around the world.

User Experience

Drift Hunters aims to provide players with a realistic and immersive drifting experience. The game’s responsive controls, attention to physics, and wide range of customization options contribute to an enjoyable and challenging gameplay experience.


Drift Hunters is a game that caters to fans of precision driving and the adrenaline rush of drifting. With its authentic physics, car customization options, and challenging tracks, the game offers a platform for players to hone their drifting skills, experiment with car modifications, and compete for high scores. Whether you’re a seasoned drifter or someone new to the sport, Drift Hunters delivers a satisfying and immersive simulation experience that captures the thrill of controlled slides and stylish maneuvers on the track.

MOD APK version of Drift Hunters

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money

You can buy a car, even if you don’t have enough money.

Money does not decrease. However, you may be charged for upgrading vehicle parts.