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Defense Legend 3: Future War

We square measure happy to introduce subsequent a part of the Tower Defense game series: Defense Legend three – Future War. you’ll have AN exciting expertise With Defense Legend 3: Future War.
Tower Defense a pair of ended: the dark forces were repelled. However, a district of them free and planned to bolster their forces to attack our world.
Defense Legend 3: Future War inherits and develops the distinctive options of Tower Defense_Defense Legend a pair of. additionally, Defense Legend 3: Future War has conjointly extra new options such as: superheroes, weapon diversity, map diversity…
Combination of plan of action defense and role-playing may be a special feature in Defense Legend 3: Future War. The player square measure each the commander WHO includes a strategy and also the superheroes WHO fights the evil forces.

Superheroes may be a new feature that create a distinction for Defense Legend 3: Future War. Moreover, the weapon are updated perpetually to assist players have new techniques. at the same time, the evil forces conjointly develop new creatures perpetually that create it tough for players. Players ought to have versatile ways to contend with them. Boss of the enemy directly takes half within the battle that will increase problem for players.

Defense Legend 3: Future War inherits and develops the weapons that brought ending in Tower Defense a pair of: Defense Legend 2.
+ LDC-055-G3(landmine consortium_generation-III): The third – generation landmine supports just in case of enormous numbers of enemy troops.
+ UXO-W-II(Unexploded ordnance-waves-II): The second-generation sound waves square measure upgraded with larger power than the previous generation, produces sound waves that destroy enemies on an oversized scale.
+ I-A-III(Ice-Age-III): The ice wave freezes all enemies on the means in a very sure amount of your time.
+ BF1-III(stealth bomber – future-III): The third – generation BF1 Combat Team with 5 planes that carry bombs to destroy an oversized of enemies.
+ Hell space II: Upgrade Hell space with quicker speed shoot that destroys all enemies on the means.
+ Supergun-FII: Version II of the Supergun-F, that operates sort of a cannon with a atomic warhead. Terrible destruction. shooting gallery isn’t restricted. Version II is upgraded with auto-attack feature.
R-II(Wheel reaper): Weapons with the death wheel image can continuously be the fear of enemy. The version II is upgraded and searches enemy higher.
B-S-II(Air Bomb Storm): Super weapons square measure created by the military. Weapons mix energy within the air and unharness large amounts of energy to kill enemies.
+ The military not solely upgrades previous weapons however conjointly develops new weapons to fight to the dark forces.

We will fight in a very ton of various terrains, from the new desert to the frozen land or mountain….v.v
In Tower Defense a pair of: Defense Legend 2, we’ve got to fight in several parcels that forces USA to possess the most effective manoeuvre for every terrain. It proves that we are able to utterly overcome all things by the most effective strategy. Defense Legend 3: Future War can bring several surprises to the players.
Players square measure able to become commanders or powerful heroes to defeat the enemy. relish the Defense Legend 3: Future War!