• name
  • Cube ACR
  • file size
  • 13 MB
  • version
  • 2.4.261
  • price
  • Free
  • publisher
  • Cube Apps Ltd
  • mod features
  • Pro Unlocked
  • requires
  • Android 4.4

Cube ACR is an extremely handy and reliable voicemail conversation and call recording application for Android devices. With its high-tech capabilities, Cube ACR ensures excellent call recording quality and comprehensive features, making it a top choice for users.

Introduction to Cube ACR

Developed by the Cube Mobile Apps team, Cube ACR has garnered many positive reviews from the Android community. It is highly recommended by security and business experts and is rated as the best call recording app on the Google Play Store.

Record Mobile Calls

Cube ACR excels in comprehensive call recording, supporting both voice and video calls on smartphones and tablets. It can record calls at high quality, up to 320 kbps, ensuring clear and detailed audio. This feature is particularly useful for work-related calls where recording important information is essential.

The app uses advanced recording technology to store recording files directly on your phone. Additionally, you can share these files with other applications for storage or data processing, simplifying your workflow.

Multi-Platform and Multi-Language Support

Cube ACR is designed to work seamlessly across different platforms, including iOS and Android. Its cross-platform support allows users to enjoy its features on multiple devices without any issues. Moreover, Cube ACR supports numerous languages, including English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, and Japanese, making it accessible to a global audience.

Search Recordings in History

The search function in Cube ACR is a valuable feature that allows you to find recorded calls easily. You can search by specific keywords or calls, saving you time when looking for particular information.

Once a call is recorded, its information is stored in the app’s system. You can search for recorded calls by entering keywords, contact names, or phone numbers in the search box. The app will list calls containing the specified keywords, making it easy to review and manage your recordings.

Remote Recording

Cube ACR also offers a remote recording feature, allowing you to record calls over an IP or SIP system network. This is especially useful for users who travel frequently. The app ensures high-quality audio recording, enabling accurate and detailed storage and processing of call information. High recording quality also ensures that playback of calls is clear and complete.

MOD APK version of Cube ACR

MOD feature

Pro Unlocked

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Cube ACR is a robust call recording app with advanced features and high reliability. Its comprehensive recording capabilities, multi-platform support, and user-friendly features make it an excellent choice for anyone needing to record calls on their Android devices.