• name
  • College: Perfect Match
  • version
  • 1.0.63
  • file size
  • 233 MB
  • price
  • Free
  • publisher
  • Amrita Studio
  • mod features
  • Unlimited Lives
  • requires
  • Android 6.0 and up

College: Perfect Match kicks off with a campus bustling with beautiful girls. Embark on your flirtatious journey here, showcasing your talents to win over all the girls in the university. In College: Perfect Match, you’ll discover various flirting techniques and earn numerous enticing rewards from these attractive ladies.

Introduction to College: Perfect Match

College: Perfect Match is a dating simulation game with girls in college. They can be female students, teachers or school staff and are all extremely beautiful. College: Perfect Match was developed by Amrita Studio and has more than 500 thousand downloads on the Google Play store.


College: Perfect Match has quite unique gameplay. You will play the role of a new male lecturer at a certain university. Here you will meet many hot girls and your desire to conquer them will arise. From here your journey to conquer all the girls in school begins.

First you will have to choose a girl to start the game. Interact and win her affection by answering questions at College Games milestones. With these questions you will receive extremely valuable rewards. That’s her feelings as well as her seductive photos, now she will wear a “cooler” outfit when meeting you. However, to be able to reach the College Games milestone you need to pay in Coins or Gems.

Attractive girls

As I said above, at College: Perfect Match you will enter an all-girls school. The game has at least 10 different female characters, generally they are all very beautiful and attractive. Each person has a different profession and role such as female student, lecturer, principal, office worker and even nurse. Almost every position in the university is available in College: Perfect Match.

These girls are not related to each other and they have their own personalities. Students often have youthful features, you can comfortably chat with them and these are the easiest characters to flirt with. With just a few little tricks, you can easily win the hearts of female students. To be able to flirt with the next many girls, you need to win the love of the people in front of you. You should discover for yourself what the remaining girls are like. If I spoil them all, the game won’t be interesting anymore.

How to get more Coins and Gems?

Perhaps you have played or heard of the game Candy Crush Saga, if so, you will easily collect more Coins and Gems in College: Perfect Match. While running out of Coins and Gems, you can join your girl in a similar match-3 puzzle game in Candy Crush Saga. However, it’s not the candies you’ll get cakes and hearts. Completing the levels you will gain many different benefits.

The first is coins and gems. Completing the level’s goal will give you a certain amount of coins and gems. If you complete it early, you will also receive a bonus. For example, the level requires you to clear sand boxes with a limited number of moves. At the end of the turn, if you have not completed the turn, you must play again. If you complete it and have a remaining turn, you will receive an additional bonus.

Next is to change the game’s scenery, or it can be said to increase the character’s emotions. You will be able to play games with her in a different situation, maybe at the park or in a private room. Of course, these special levels earn a lot of Coins and Gems, but at the same time the difficulty is also quite high.

Graphics and sound

Overall, the graphics in College: Perfect Match are quite normal. The characters are designed as hot girls with seductive outfits. As for other scenes, you can encounter them in many different games. The only highlight in the game’s graphics is probably the sexy images of the characters and the feature of choosing clothes for the characters similar to fashion games.

Regarding the sound in the game, it is the vibrant sounds, the fast rhythm always pushes the details in the game higher. While you play puzzles, the music will calm down a bit so you can relax and think about reasonable moves. Overall, the sound of College: Perfect Match is nothing too special because the unique thing is already in the content and images.

MOD APK version of College: Perfect Match

When playing the College: Perfect Match MOD APK version, you can buy items with real money for free. You still receive items that have nothing to do with the actual transaction.

MOD feature

Unlimited Lives

Download for Android College: Perfect Match MOD APK

If you are looking for a dating game with beautiful and attractive girls, College: Perfect Match will probably be the right choice for you. At this school, you can both show off your flirting skills and play relaxing puzzles. With a unique gameplay but bringing many unique and attractive rewards, College: Perfect Match will bring you many surprises in each level.