• name
  • Cluedo
  • version
  • 0.0.17
  • price
  • $3.99 Free
  • publisher
  • Marmalade Game Studio
  • mod features
  • Not available
  • requires
  • Android 6.0+

Cluedo lets you experience the feeling of happiness when you expose the most sinister murder plot. With the perpetrator’s deep crime method, you will have to spend a lot of effort to collect evidence, interrogate suspects and link clues. Solving 6 such big cases in turn, each case is a different context and situation, your solving skills will make great progress.

About Cluedo

Enjoy the feeling of solving card cases, bringing sinister perpetrators to light!


Clue is a game that solves serious murder cases. The evil perpetrator is hiding somewhere, maybe in the crowd of witnesses. Are you ready to become one of the best detectives in the world? The Tudor mansion has some serious things going on. Many people were secretly invited to the resort at the same time, including you and a few other detectives. The unfortunate girl named Callan Coral was murdered for unknown reasons.

Unfortunately, a big storm is coming, forcing everyone to lock themselves in the mansion for a while. Things became more tense when it seemed that someone was about to become the next victim of the other hidden killer.

The crime scene is still there, people are also gathered in the mansion. It’s just that we don’t know which of them is lying. Is it the killer or is it someone else? Use your detective talents to solve cases and find the truth.

Unlocks new clue cards

This style of play is rarely seen in crime solving games. As you drag your magnifying glass, a clue card will appear, giving you one card draw. Some cards are extremely useful, others are mediocre. Luckily, you have the right to move freely throughout the rooms in this mansion. So opening new clue cards is not a big obstacle.

Card crime solving game

The player plays the role of a detective, urgently invited to solve the case. From here you step into the world of mysteries, forced to use your reasoning ability to solve the case.

Your only weapon is your skillful evidence collection skills plus your talent for interrogating suspects and logical deduction. That will help you get closer to the truth.

Although the motif sounds normal, Cluedo offers a quite new way to play. Players draw clue cards in turn, combining with their skills to uncover the truth. This also means that you will be led by the other clue cards. And each time you draw a new card, you have to change your approach to the truth more or less. Cluedo therefore always creates flexibility, rich in feeling for players.

Crime solving game with beautiful 3D graphics

This story-based and card-based game doesn’t simply give you a sense of success on your quest to solve a case. The game also allows you to enjoy a complete original story in the form of attractive 3D animation. The game has flexible actions, lively characters and breathtaking events. Attracted by the look and dangerous nature of the cases, you will be led from one case to another without stopping.

Clues from mass interrogations

Players will have to collect clues from many different sources. The first is to interrogate the suspect, not just one but many at the same time. Where is the truth? Who is hiding? What secret is buried? From discrete pieces of testimony, you will have to think, connect, find unreasonable points, and gradually reduce your suspicions.

The perpetrator is a smart person. He always knows how to find a way to evade and turn the question in a direction that can deceive you. Be careful with what you think is most reasonable.

Play alone or compete with other players

Clue offers both single-player and online multiplayer features. In single player mode, you will play the main role in the game with AI characters. The difficulty of the case can be adjusted, so don’t worry even if it’s your first time trying this type of case.

In online multiplayer mode, along with talented detectives around the world, you will show off your own skills and see if you are the first to successfully solve the case.

Unlock new details in the plot

Every time you solve an important clue, you will again have a privilege that unlocks new story layers. From here, more information and new characters open up. Even the motives of those you consider most trustworthy can be exposed in the least expected direction.

To get to the bottom of the case, you can only step by step, patiently unlocking all the clues. Also don’t skip any bonus items.

Download Cluedo APK free for Android

Cluedo will bring an unforgettable aftertaste for crime-solving enthusiasts. With the card-based game, many flexible solving styles will be applied, giving you a richer experience than what you’ve ever played.