• name
  • City Island 6: Building Life
  • version
  • 0.0.1
  • file size
  • 100 MB
  • price
  • Free
  • publisher
  • Sparkling Society - Build Town City Building Games
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  • Not available
  • requires
  • Android

For those who love city building simulation games, you are certainly no stranger to the extremely popular City Island game series developed by Sparkling Society. Up to now, 5 versions of City Island have been released and brought many interesting experiences to millions of players around the world.

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As you know, City Island 6: Building Life as well as the City Island game series belong to the genre of extremely interesting city building simulation games. There, you can turn a pristine land into a bustling and modern urban area according to your wishes. This is probably the dream of many people since they were children and now it has come true. But to realize that dream, you have a lot of work to do!

Build the city of your dreams

You will start in City Island 6: Building Life with a deserted, remote island with a few houses and sparse residents. By performing initial tasks such as gathering resources, you will have gold to build the first items for the city.

The initial things you can build are just small items like a few houses or simple roads. Although insignificant, these are the first bricks for a city of your dreams. When roads and houses develop, the population will become more dense. Business and trade will develop. From there, you will have more economic resources to continue building and developing the city.

To build a dream city, you cannot only build small items but need to focus on large projects such as amusement parks, restaurants, schools… Building these projects is of course difficult. takes quite a bit of time and money. Therefore, in order not to stall the city’s development process, you must have clear planning and direction to not waste resources and money. This is the city of your dreams, so build it with love and passion!

Explore new lands

During the journey of City Island 6: Building Life, you will not stop at just one city. Every time you complete building a city at a certain level, new lands will be unlocked for you to continue exploring and developing. Each island has different terrain and resources. Therefore, the journey in each new land is new challenges for you to conquer.

When you are successful with the first cities, you will have resources for the next areas. The difference is probably just that planning a city on the coast, plains or mountains will have its own difficulties. But as long as you are hardworking and have a little creativity, you will soon have a strong empire in your hands.

Interact with neighbors

You can absolutely play City Island 6: Building Life online or offline. However, playing online will help you interact with other players. You can make friends with others and visit the cities they built. In addition, a new feature that City Island 6: Building Life has just possessed to help you interact more with other players. That is now you can help each other build cities and exchange resources. Those are powerful social features that previous versions never had.

A happy city

City Island 6: Building Life does not aim to build rich cities but happy cities. Therefore, you should not focus too much on economic development and ignore the spiritual life of the people. By building entertainment items such as parks, theaters, and entertainment centers, the city’s happiness index will increase.

In City Island 6: Building Life, the city’s happiness index is focused and divided into many parts. May be mentioned as:

  • Happy home: This index is based on housing conditions and amenities around the resident’s home.
  • Infrastructure: This index evaluates the city’s infrastructure such as streets, lighting, and sanitation.
  • Happy Restaurant: It will be quite surprising that the delicious food of restaurants and food stores will also evaluate people’s happiness.
  • Security and environment: A clean and green environment along with providing enough security with a police force also helps maintain a happy life for residents.

Manage and optimize resources

Whether building a city in a game or in real life, resource management is an extremely important part. In City Island 6: Building Life, the natural resources you can exploit are extremely rich such as land, water, construction materials, solar energy… And most importantly, gold, they help you upgrade your game. construction projects and many other activities. You can collect gold by finding treasure chests on the island and especially tax money from buildings in the city.

Although resources are quite abundant, they are also limited. So you need to use them optimally and effectively. Every project built needs to have a directional goal and bring about certain effects. That way you can quickly regenerate new resources. City Island 6: Building Life is not simply about building and building but above all, it is about building intelligently.

New things in City Island 6

Through the above sections, if you are a follower of the City Island series, you will more or less realize many new things in City Island 6: Building Life. First to mention are the newly added green resources. This version seems to address an important issue, which is environmental protection. Along with that, there are tasks such as protecting water sources, planting trees… making the game much more meaningful.

Next, one thing that you can easily see is that City Island 6: Building Life focuses more on building a happy city. Not only focusing on construction, you now have a lot of work to do to meet the happiness indicators of residents in the city. Looks like you’re about to become a very busy city mayor!

Download City Island 6: Building Life APK for Android

City Island 6: Building Life no longer stops at just an interesting city-building simulation game, but through this we see the meaningful life messages that the publisher brings. If you can build happy cities in City Island 6: Building Life, I believe you will also know how to have a happy life in real life. Before part 6 officially launches, you can experience City Island 5.