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  • Cherry Tale
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  • 1.1.0
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  • Free
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  • Android

Cherry Tale invites all gamers to love watching beautiful girls with a sweet and equally dramatic story. Especially, the beautiful and attractive beauties are welcoming you from the first scene.

About game Cherry Tale

Action game for gamers who love beauty!

The story

A long time ago, many thousands of years ago. Humans have developed to a great extent. Humans consider themselves equal to the gods, challenging the universe and the supernatural. With that arrogant nature, humans have constantly researched and created Magic, forgetting that the Creator is watching everything from above.

Of course, they are not satisfied when they see the people they create are gradually lost, sinking into foolish passions. An army from heaven has been sent down to the world. This is how the war between humanity and this army began, a long time ago.

However, there is an opportunity open to humans. There is still a group of gods who support the existence of humanity and want to give humans a second chance. On the condition that human magicians completely abandon the man-made madness magic and obey the magic of the gods.

By receiving this divine magic, the humans gradually repelled the other army and led the army into the sealing barriers.

It’s been a few thousand years. Now that the seal was weakened, the old wrath of the dark angels still lingered. Humanity, whether repentant or not, must once again face the danger of being destroyed by the power from above.


Cherry Tale originated as a card strategy game. As the leader, you must urgently recruit all the talented magicians from all over the world to one place, bringing them to the battlefield in the right way and place. Like arraying on a chess board with lots of alternating black and white squares, clever placement will give you a chance to win and vice versa.

Because each mage has different spells, skills and moves. In the mage’s turn, you will unleash automatic moves to crush the magic of the army of dark angels. The moves will be decided to win or lose according to the classic counter principle. So, if you have experience in tactical turn-based combat like this in similar games, Cherry Tale probably won’t make it difficult for you. Just a little thinking, logical thinking for the characters on the battlefield, you can gain the upper hand.

However, in fact, the focus of Cherry Tale is not inherently the battles but the interactions with the sorceresses in the story.

Combat is just “extra”

It should be noted that there is quite a gap between the character/story cutscenes and the highly tactical combat. In the battles, the characters are shown in the form of cute little chibi on the chessboard battlefield. Don’t expect too much dreamlike movements in this fight. Basically, battles are just an excuse for you to have the opportunity to unlock new upgrades for your character or have more accumulated victories for unlocking new characters.

Finally, opening up new characters seems to be the main goal, guys. As for the war, I don’t think it matters much.

Meanwhile, in the cutscenes, a new horizon opens up.

A series of skilled magicians will be introduced to the player one after another as you fight hard and win many significant achievements.

Worth mentioning, every magician has a very impressive appearance, inspired by fairy characters. But you’ll see an anime-style, tight-fitting, anime-styled Little Girl with a stunning expression. You can also meet a dreamlike Snow White with charming outfits. And there are many other super charming characters. Everyone is sexy in their own way.

Graphics are very “cool”

Using the word “cool”, then perhaps you understand. The anime style of the sorceresses is carefully painted and detailed. Everyone is full of charm, causing the screen to “heat up”. A whole garden of beauties will gradually appear according to your feats.

The battle scenes are not very impressive, but in return, the waifu and the beautiful fairy scene. Cherry Tale is a game worth enjoying for hours in terms of visuals.

Download Cherry Tale APK for Android

Cherry Tale is where you have the opportunity to meet and interact with blushing actions with beautiful and talented magicians. It’s time to play the game with a privacy screen. Make sure no one sees you playing this game, and don’t forget to put on your headphones!