• name
  • Chaos Rush
  • version
  • 0.0.1
  • file size
  • 1 GB
  • price
  • Free
  • publisher
  • MasterGames
  • mod features
  • Not available
  • requires
  • Android

Will you be the one to successfully end the 6th period of chaos happening in the Pradonia continent? Progressing through each period, fighting strategically through each fierce defense challenge in Chaos Rush will give you the final answer.

About Chaos Rush

Strategic tower defense game against the chaotic times of the continent!

The strange setting and group of characters

Rarely do tower defense gamers focus on mercenary groups. Chaos Rush chose to exploit this topic, along with the rather gloomy Pradonia continent context, portraying the extremely serious 6th period of chaos that is taking place. Here, the regular military forces were at a loss and could only rely on the support of a powerful group of mercenaries scattered throughout the kingdom.

Players take on the role of the leader of a group of talented mercenaries. When power was in ruins and politics no longer had a place, the peak period of riots took place. This is the 6th time the kingdoms have fallen into constant war and chaos with no end in sight. There needs to be a third party to arrange all this.

The Kalidos mercenary group in that situation had been hired by various kingdoms in the continent. They ask you to defeat the fierce enemies of the kingdom on their behalf. Also based on these requirements, the peaceful roadmap of the Pradonia continent was gradually established. But no one has yet answered whether this is the lasting peace that everyone is hoping for? And will you, the leader of Kalidos, be the one who can finally repel the ongoing chaos and chaos?

The key is to maintain tower defense performance throughout the game

Taking place in a context similar to a tactical map with areas, symbols and movement paths between sides, Chaos Rush possesses quite sturdy gameplay on a deep platform. It’s not too difficult to get started and figure out what needs to be done. However, success or not in the upcoming important tower defense challenges depends entirely on the player’s ability to manage and exploit technology and skills.

Exploit countless types of technology towers specific to each country

Chaos Rush introduces the basic technology tower concept. You can use it to deal with large rebel groups, preventing them from reaching deep into large areas of land. Where these large technology towers are located, at what density, and what group of soldiers they support, will partly determine the ability to hinder the enemy.

Each technology tower possesses its own type of technology. Whether that technology is more or less, strong or weak, and what type it is depends on each kingdom. Each kingdom and each tower defense challenge has its own technology tower system. You need to take the time to understand them clearly before applying them to battle.

Technology towers can also be upgraded. By collecting achievements, adding new parts to the tower, and improving them, the technology tower will become stronger and more destructive. They will help you kill large numbers of enemies without using too much direct force.

Take advantage of all the skills of mercenary groups

Within the Kalidos mercenary collective, there are many small groups. Each group will have a captain and soldiers. Each such group possesses different strengths and skills. Understanding the advantages of each small group and coming up with smart combinations for each battle will help you unleash the full power of your squad.

The way the mercenary squad is arranged, spread out or concentrated or in groups, all show your tactical thinking. The key to success lies largely here.

Continuously replenish spells, items and equipment

In addition to available skills and weapons, to continuously deal with many types of invading enemies, you will need to equip your team with many new spells, items, weapons and equipment.

These items will have 2 sources of collection, one is from spoils on the battlefield, the other is from bonuses received when winning in the previous tower defense game.

Choosing additional details appropriately will help your mercenary team have many advantages on the battlefield.

The tower defense game has many different stages and tasks

Each country that hires mercenaries to protect the land and resolve crises has different requirements. Players will take turns going through 30 different stages and completing 60 missions with countries.

Each place, each land, each mission has its own challenges. Chaos Rush will be a tower defense game with a significantly high level of chaos that you have ever experienced.

How to play Chaos Rush?

Similar to classic tower defense games, but with the addition of mystical medieval elements and the presence of many spells and technological towers, Chaos Rush will give you the opportunity to implement many different tower defense policies.

At the beginning of the game, you will have a certain amount of gold. If you win the level or depending on your defensive achievements, you will receive additional gold coins. Gold coins can be used to build more towers to destroy enemies.

The game is divided into several stages, each stage corresponding to a certain map. The map has roads in portrait orientation, which can be used to build defensive technology towers.

Along with the turret formation, you can also use generals (as captains) and mercenary teams with magic, weapons and items to distribute the formation in areas. Creating more effective layers of defense will increase your chances of winning.

Download Chaos Rush APK for Android

If you love the tower defense genre with many new small elements, Chaos Rush will be a good choice. This game not only has a deep setting and mature style, but also has cool little tricks.