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Call Recorder

Record incoming and outgoing calls.

Tired of constant remembering the phone call conversations? Afraid of missing important things? The decision is right before you – Call Recorder. Why people use easy call recorder apps? It’s quite obvious, isn’t it? Some calls can take you by surprise. No pen at hand, too much to remember… the reasons are numerous, so this auto call recorder is an easy and reliable app to help you in such occasions. By the way we added an audio recorder for free so you may record your thoughts, tasks and important issues without limits! Record call and sound recorder allows to recall all the forgotten memories or see through deceit!


We try to make sound quality of phone call record app clear as in the real time conversation. So you won’t miss anything that matters with the top rated call recorder and its new version 2017. Phone call recording let you replay the record call automatically as long as you need. Besides, now it’s possible to set the maximum volume automatically to make the voice recorder on call sound better and clearer!


Your time is so precious! Why should you waste it for writing? There is a better alternative – a dictaphone app to record voice notes and memos. Perfect solution for students and businessmen, for hard-working people simply said, for everyone! This voice recorder is a note taker that deserves your trust because this audio recorder new saves your memos not only during call but when you are making them alone. Voice recording app provides high quality recordings without limits of time. Intuitive design of audio call recorder allows to get easy access to record, editing and other settings.


Call recorder latest app easily organize your calls records. They’re saved by call recorder hide app in the folder you may choose yourself. So then, you can see in the call recorder incoming and outgoing calls separately. Moreover, it’s possible to sort them in the call recorder best app by time or by date. And, if necessary to delete several records at once, don’t hesitate to use this call recorder offline!


Some people use call recorder as a hidden app during call that’s why they look for call recorder without icon or call recorder without beep. They use call recorder as a spy software to reveal and release secrets. We warn you that in some countries record calls is illegal and you must get the permission from the caller! We hope, all our users are law-abiding citizens and use our call recorder for android only for their private purposes.

So let’s sum up Call Recorder features:

– Call recorder asks every-time to tape a call
– You can play, save and delete tracks of the call recorder unlimited times
– Choose incoming/outgoing calls of call recorder lite
– Voice recorder app for android for those who appreciate their time
– Multiple language support

By now record a phone call isn’t a problem! Сall Recorder keeps all your memories, important call content and saves them till the suitable moment. Download Call Recorder and turn your phone into a voice call recorder!