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  • Call of Dragons
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  • Unlimited Money
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  • Android 5.1

The bright graphics and epic war atmosphere of the fantasy game Call of Dragons make you feel like in the Disney world. Rarely has the experience of fighting, building, and expanding the realm become so exciting and dynamic.

About Call of Dragons

Adventure in the land of ancient wild beasts!

What’s so special about Call of Dragons?

Call of Dragons is a fantasy adventure strategy game with graphics designed in a cartoon style like classic Disney movies. The game was developed by the team that made a hugely successful product called Rise of Kingdoms.

The game allows you to become the lord of giant flying animals. You collect, mate, and let them fight for territory in an ancient fantasy world. You are a genius character who fights many strong opponents by building the most powerful dragon army and expanding constantly your territory all over the world.

Conquering, leading, and mastering dragons to participate in fierce battles on animated graphics is a topic that many games have tried to exploit, but most of them face difficulties because they are too caught up in a certain aspect and there is no balance. In Call of Dragons, the balance has been done very well to make the player feel comfortable from the start.

In short, you should play if you are a fan of strategy games.

Method of healing

When playing Call of Dragons, you don’t need to worry about the animal getting injured. Because in the game, the Healing Unit appears for free automatically and does not consume resources. Thanks to this auto-heal mechanism, you can fight your way freely, challenge other players freely, and enjoy the drama without ever despairing over a general or Behemoth getting injured.

This is a rather strange mechanism. To be honest, this is the first time the writer experiences this feature in a strategy game.

Many races to be discovered

To participate in battles to assert sovereignty in Call of Dragons, you need to have a powerful flying dragon squad. Forces in turn are recruited from different tribes in the land such as Elven, Orc, mage… Each race has its own characteristics and abilities. For example, Elven are talented female warriors, extremely good at close combat. Orcs are strong and fight close to each other like a tank, mages have the ability to make ice, which helps a lot in long-range battles.

In each battle, the battlefield and the lands to be conquered are different. The game not only has beautiful scenery, flexible moves, and fierce battles, but even the difficulties in each land bring attractiveness to the game at every moment. You will accompany your warriors to fight against other powerful armies to expand their territory and conquer the world.

Capture and control flying animals

In this ancient land, there is a rare species that makes people both fear and desire to possess. Those are the fearsome Behemoths. They are like dragons, and can fly, but cannot be called dragons because their facial features, personality, and wildness are completely different. It is this pure wildness that makes them the most dangerous giant animals on the land.

What if you used your army to conquer these unruly animals like Hydras, Thunder Rocks and turn them into the ideal army of flying creatures, supporting you in battles? Victory will soon come to you.

You approach and fight them to make them subdued, leading them to a new land that is your territory. You nurture, train, and turn Behemoths into your own secret weapon. At the decisive moment of every war, use Behemoths to win and quickly take over new land!

Expand and develop new lands

When you have many new lands in your hands, you both fight and expand your kingdom. You can build important buildings, advance technology, train troops, collect resources continuously, and conquer many new lands. You will soon become the ruler of this ancient Tamaris.

Outstanding strategy

Call of Dragons always has 2 things you have to lead: the force and the army of flying beasts. The outstanding strategy of this game is reflected in the way you coordinate, arrange, and plan to use flying animals appropriately for each battle.

With your warriors, you need to come up with reasonable tactics to promote the strengths of each animal and constantly train them to be at their best when fighting. In battle, you must choose whether to dominate the battlefield or defend, attack at the right time to win.

When you own an army of beautiful flying beasts, you need to thoroughly understand the characteristics of each animal, then take advantage of the terrain to attack quickly or defend strongly, or attack from above to wipe out the enemy. Depending on the terrain such as canyons, deserts, rivers or plains, and forests, you have different arrangements for your flying army.

MOD APK version of Call of Dragons

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money

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Call of Dragons has a lot of strange, attractive elements, mainly related to tactics and images. Whether you are a casual gamer or want to focus on combat tactics, you will find joy and rare drama in this game.