• name
  • BrownDust2
  • file size
  • 245 MB
  • version
  • 1.39.4
  • price
  • Free
  • publisher
  • mod features
  • Menu, Unlimited Damage/Defense
  • requires
  • Android 8.0 and up

BrownDust2 extends the turn-based combat experience that combines champion cards, a typical anime style from the first game of the same name. Staying true to the original story, with an expansive land, and a more diverse cast of characters, BrownDust2 is an amazing world where you can discover many things about role-playing strategy.

About BrownDust2

Immerse yourself in thrilling adventures!


Keeping the same turn-based tactical gameplay combined with champion cards, BrownDust2 upholds the tactical spirit. This is an advantage for players who have had the opportunity to play through this genre. Not only requires understanding the advantages and skills of each champion in hand, but you also have to flexibly choose how to coordinate your team members. Then you have to constantly make character development decisions in the right direction. Accomplishing all this, the chances of winning in fierce matches appear.

In this section, the hero characters can appear from many different origins. BrownDust2 has an element of space, time, and space that allows you to recruit many strange, personality female generals from all times in the world. This contributes to the extreme expansion of the game’s turn-based combat experience. Everything is no longer confined to a specific range, your skills, skills as well as combat ability and tactical opportunities have increased significantly, almost unlimitedly.

Besides the classic turn-based tactical gameplay, BrownDust2 also has a new feature for players: puzzles. Specifically, your opponent in each battle will launch characteristic formations. You have to quickly recognize and answer the weak points in this squad. From there, fully exploit and choose generals capable of focusing on that weakness. This is the key to victory in the short time of each match. Solve this difficult problem in each match, you will always gain the advantage even though the squad in hand is not the strongest.


In BrownDust2, players will take on the role of a young man. From his childhood being abused by his father to when he voluntarily broke free from his past captivity, he roamed the land on his own and eventually became the best mercenary of all time.

In his search for freedom, he met many interesting characters. Each has their own personality, each contributing a certain part to forging and motivating him to choose to follow the path of being a mercenary.

BrownDust2 is a gripping, in-depth anime story that is both a poetic adventure with action sequences that are hard to ignore.

Upgraded graphics, incorporating many new features

Raising anime graphics from 2D to 2.5D can be said to have made a spectacular change to the game situation. Everything is sharper, smoother, and deeper than the experience of the first game.

Throughout the game, BrownDust2 uses 2 different graphic styles to show the context, characters, and battle phases: chibi and sketch. Chibi is used for the cast of characters and the surrounding background, sketch is used for close-up of character dialogues. This combination creates a mature and elegant look but also attracts players with a cute and close feeling.

In particular, BrownDust2 also supports the ability to play both portrait and landscape screens, allowing players to freely choose according to equipment in each circumstance.

The detailed environment around a land or scene is also meticulously done. You can see the objects, and ecosystems appearing around you. With a diagonal view from the top, everything is still as clear as being present in the scene. This creates a big catalyst that makes the battle scenes much more dramatic and realistic.

Improvements in BrownDust2

The main character that has appeared since part 1, still has the typical anime graphic style. But BrownDust2 leaves a deep impression on players through a series of positive changes, thereby helping players prolong the role-playing experience.

The world in this game is much more open, with many unique backgrounds, terrains, and environments. Going to each land, you will be immersed in its own color and ecosystem. The cast of characters participating in the main character’s journey is also much more diverse. You will have a series of new skills, weapons, and constantly challenging situations. Therefore, the turn-based combat gameplay’s tactical nature is presented more clearly and richly than ever before.

As for the graphics part, the 2D anime has progressed to 2.5D with depth, layering, and a feeling of floating, smoother and more realistic than the first part. Along with the upgrade in graphics, lighting effects, fighting skills, and voice acting are also unique and bolder, once again making the game a new look, attracting players from the first levels.

MOD APK version of BrownDust2

MOD features

  • Menu
  • Unlimited Damage
  • Unlimited Defense
  • High Walk Speed

Download BrownDust2 APK for Android

If you are looking for a turn-based battle game that combines both beautiful general cards, and a dramatic story with a series of irresistible female characters, BrownDust2 will be the name you should put right into the list.