• name
  • file size
  • 100 MB
  • version
  • 1.0.0
  • price
  • Free
  • publisher
  • Kodansha Ltd.
  • mod features
  • Not available
  • requires
  • Android 12 and up

BOKURA is a puzzle adventure game that can only be played with two players. To play the game, two people must play on two separate machines.


Co-op game NEED 2 players, help two confused boys in 2 worlds, find their way home!

The story in BOKURA

Well, things in BOKURA started off with a bit of drama. Two boys decided to run away from home. While running, both of them accidentally saw a dead deer. It was the first time they encountered something so horrible, so they both fainted. And when they woke up, oh, the miracle unfolded.

The two no longer held hands and fled into the forest like in the beginning, but seemed to have been separated into two different worlds. A person only sees around him is a strange animal world, like going back to the ancient past of man. The other person steps into the mechanical world, everywhere there were machines, even the animals were mechanical products. This seems to be the future, far away world of humanity.

The story officially begins here. The task of the two boys is to find the way home, find the place where they met before. From now on, they don’t dare to run away from home anymore.

But before that peaceful prospect happened, the two had to overcome many storms, had to learn to understand the messages of their friend. Both will look at the same thing, the event, but in a different way. Understanding, interacting with you and the rest of the players is the key to deciphering this game.

Strange, thought-provoking views of life in BOKURA

It is known that BOKURA was created by an independent developer with a slightly weird style. This person is also the author of the game Hitoribocchi Wakusei (Lonely Planet) released in 2016 and has made a big splash in the indie gaming community.

Stepping to BOKURA, keeping the inherently unpredictable eccentric style, this guy has created a game of the puzzle adventure genre that MUST NEED 2 PLAYERS.

In which each person sees the world in a completely different way. So the plot cannot be said to be lost in two different parallel worlds. Maybe it’s just that each boy’s perspective is different.

The game raises a rather strange question in friendship, soulmate. What if the world you are looking at is not the same as the world your friend sees? Can two different points of view, two different perspectives help maintain the connection, bring the friendship through the thorns?

Maybe yes, but maybe not. If two people sincerely want to understand each other, want to empathize with the other, try to put themselves in the other’s position, the friendship will last, and vice versa.

Facing the choices and twists of the story

Because of so much difference in thoughts and opinions, BOKURA leads players to important choices. But with just a slight deviation, your journey and your friend will turn in different directions. Sometimes it’s the direction to meet again or maybe to be apart forever. It all depends on communication and the choice of each person.

Two players co-op puzzles, but are drawn into two different gazes

To play BOKURA, you will need to combine with another friend, play co-op together (required, because 1 person cannot play this game). The two will be transported into two different worlds. In the process of solving the puzzle, if these differences are overcome and empathy is found, even though the world is seeing differently, the friendships and childhood memories of the two characters will overcome all. Then it leads to a happy ending that is finding the way back.

The key to success in BOKURA is communication. Only communication, patience, wholeheartedly wanting to understand, can help you understand your friend and vice versa.

You and your friend will play BOKURA with the same account, on 2 separate devices. Throughout the game, it is necessary to continuously work together to understand what is going on with you and your opponent.

Play for a while and you will understand, this is just one world. But the two characters have been “haunted” for two different perspectives. If you over here see an object that looks like an animal coming out of the wild, on the other side your friend will see the same object like a robot.

This means that the objects that move, stand still, or trap the environment are something the same, but you will see a different style. The way two people interact, or move, to approach these objects will also be different.

Players will have to constantly exchange, talk, discuss with their friends to talk about what is seeing, happening or what is not seen. This game is kind of adventure platformer. So the goal is to move forward, conquer the roads and not die. Only effective communication can help you avoid many misfortunes spread in the game.