• name
  • Battlegrounds Mobile India
  • file size
  • 821 MB
  • version
  • 2.7.0
  • price
  • Free
  • publisher
  • KRAFTON, Inc.
  • mod features
  • Mega Menu
  • requires
  • Android 12 and up

The new Dragon Ball Super-Themed Mode is here! Collect all 7 Dragon Balls, summon Shenron, and wish for power! New standalone mode, Battle Royale: Dragon Ball Super, features a unique 1.6×1.6 km map! Role-play as Dragon Ball characters in this special gameplay!

About Battlegrounds Mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile India is a highly anticipated mobile battle royale game developed specifically for the Indian gaming community. It is a rebranded and region-specific version of the popular game PUBG Mobile. Battlegrounds Mobile India aims to provide players with an immersive and thrilling battle royale experience while adhering to local regulations and cultural sensitivities. With its fast-paced gameplay, intense battles, and a strong focus on teamwork and strategy, Battlegrounds Mobile India has garnered a massive following among mobile gamers in India.


Battlegrounds Mobile India follows the battle royale genre, where players are dropped onto a vast map and must fight to be the last player or team standing. Players can choose from various modes, including solo, duo, and squad matches. The game combines exploration, scavenging for weapons and equipment, strategic positioning, and combat skills to achieve victory.

Realistic Graphics and Gameplay

The game offers high-quality graphics and realistic environments that immerse players in a detailed and dynamic gaming experience.

Wide Map Variety

Battlegrounds Mobile India features multiple maps with distinct terrains and settings, adding variety to gameplay and tactics.

Customizable Characters

Players can customize their in-game avatars with various outfits, accessories, and emotes to stand out on the battlefield.

Team-Based Gameplay

The game encourages teamwork by allowing players to form squads with friends or team up with random players to enhance strategic cooperation and communication.

Weapon and Equipment Variety

Players can find and collect a range of weapons, attachments, healing items, and gear to gain an advantage in battles.


Vehicles are available for faster movement across the map, offering strategic options for traversal and engagement.

Battle Pass and Rewards

The game includes a battle pass system that offers rewards, cosmetics, and in-game currency as players progress and complete challenges.

Communication Tools

Players can communicate with their teammates using voice chat, text chat, and quick communication options, enhancing coordination during matches.

Ranked and Event Modes

Battlegrounds Mobile India offers both ranked and event modes, catering to players seeking competitive ranked gameplay and those looking for more casual events and challenges.

Fair Play and Security

The game prioritizes fair play and anti-cheat measures to provide a balanced and secure gaming environment for all players.

User Interface and Experience

Battlegrounds Mobile India features a user-friendly interface that allows players to access menus, adjust settings, and navigate through inventory and cosmetic options seamlessly. The controls are designed for touchscreen devices, ensuring responsive aiming, shooting, and movement.


Battlegrounds Mobile India is a dynamic and exhilarating mobile battle royale game that captures the excitement of survival battles while catering to the Indian gaming community’s preferences and regulations. With its immersive graphics, diverse gameplay modes, team-based strategy, and emphasis on fair play, the game offers players a thrilling and competitive experience. Battlegrounds Mobile India has become a popular choice among mobile gamers, providing an engaging platform for players to showcase their skills, tactics, and teamwork in the quest for victory on the battlefield.

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