• name
  • Bash the Teacher!
  • file size
  • 93 MB
  • version
  • 1.6.1
  • price
  • Free
  • publisher
  • Digi-Chain Games
  • mod features
  • Unlimited Money
  • requires
  • Android 4.1+


Bash the Teacher is a free game released by game developer Digi-Chain Games. In this game, you will play the role of a student and use relatively funny pranks to defeat your teacher. Although it’s just a fun game, Bash the Teacher has a relatively anti-educational gameplay that you need to consider carefully before participating. But if just for simple entertainment purposes, let’s start downloading this game!

About game Bash the Teacher!

Bash the Teacher! is a game developed by Crazy Games for the web browser platform. The game falls under the action and strategy categories and offers a unique gameplay experience that is sure to keep players engaged for hours. In this detailed description, we will explore the game’s various categories and features.


The gameplay of Bash the Teacher! revolves around a classroom where a group of students is trying to get back at their strict teacher. The game offers various gameplay elements, including strategy, action, and resource management.


Bash the Teacher! features a unique strategy mechanic that challenges players to use their logic and planning skills to progress through the game. Players must carefully choose which students to use and which weapons to buy to defeat the teacher. Each weapon has its unique benefits, such as increasing damage or accuracy, and players must choose the right combination to maximize their chances of winning.


The game also features action elements that keep the gameplay exciting and fast-paced. Players can use different weapons, including spitballs, chalk, and textbooks, to defeat the teacher and earn points. Players must aim and shoot at the teacher while avoiding obstacles, such as other students and furniture.

Resource Management

In addition to strategy and action, Bash the Teacher! also features resource management mechanics. Players must manage their money carefully to buy weapons and upgrades to defeat the teacher. The game offers different ways to earn money, including completing levels and hitting special targets, but players must spend their money wisely to win the game.


Bash the Teacher! features a simple yet effective visual style that is both charming and amusing. The game’s cartoonish characters and environments add to the game’s playful atmosphere, making it a joy to play. The game’s graphics are also well-designed and detailed, with each level offering unique visuals and environments.


The sound effects and music in Bash the Teacher! are also well-done and add to the overall immersive experience. The game’s background music is catchy and fun, while the sound effects are crisp and clear. The game’s sound effects also add to the game’s action elements, with the sound of spitballs hitting the teacher and the screams of the students adding to the excitement of the gameplay.

In-Game Purchases

Bash the Teacher! offers in-game purchases that allow players to buy additional money using real money. These purchases can be used to buy different weapons, power-ups, and upgrades. However, these purchases are not necessary to progress through the game, and players can still enjoy the game without spending any money.


Bash the Teacher! does not offer a multiplayer mode, which can be seen as a disadvantage for some players. However, the game is still entertaining and challenging enough to keep players engaged without the need for multiplayer.


Bash the Teacher! is a fun and engaging action-strategy game that offers a unique blend of strategy, action, and resource management elements. With its well-designed graphics and sound, challenging gameplay, and in-game purchases, the game provides a fun and exciting gaming experience that is sure to keep players entertained for hours. Whether you’re a fan of action games, strategy games, or both, Bash the Teacher! has something for everyone.

MOD APK version of Bash the Teacher!

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money
  • No Ads

Download Bash the Teacher! APK & MOD for Android

Bash the Teacher! is a relatively interesting and highly entertaining game. However, it has created quite a bit of controversy so you have to really consider when participating in this game. Although there is no age recommendation for the audience to play the game, you need to keep it away from young children, to avoid creating false orientations of children about the people who are teaching them every day. Have fun and safe gaming!