• name
  • AVG AntiVirus
  • file size
  • 56 MB
  • version
  • 24.7.0
  • price
  • Free
  • publisher
  • AVG Mobile
  • mod features
  • Premium Unlocked
  • requires
  • Android 6.0 and up

AVG AntiVirus & Security is an application that protects your device most safely and effectively. Dangerous viruses will not be able to infiltrate the data on your devices.

Introduction to AVG AntiVirus

Welcome to AVG AntiVirus, your trusted partner in protecting your devices and data from viruses, malware, and other online threats. With advanced security features, real-time protection, and proactive threat detection, AVG AntiVirus offers comprehensive security solutions to keep your devices safe and secure from cyber threats.

Real-Time Protection

Stay protected against viruses, malware, and other online threats with AVG AntiVirus’s real-time protection feature. Detect and block malicious software and suspicious activities in real-time, ensuring that your devices and data remain safe and secure at all times.

Advanced Threat Detection

Detect and neutralize emerging threats and zero-day attacks with AVG AntiVirus’s advanced threat detection technologies. Utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, AVG AntiVirus identifies and mitigates new and evolving threats before they can cause harm to your devices or compromise your privacy.

Malware Removal and Quarantine

Remove malware and malicious software from your devices with AVG AntiVirus’s malware removal and quarantine features. Quarantine infected files, isolate suspicious programs, and disinfect your devices with thorough scanning and remediation processes, ensuring that your system remains clean and secure.

Web Protection and Safe Browsing

Browse the web safely and securely with AVG AntiVirus’s web protection and safe browsing features. Block malicious websites, phishing scams, and malicious downloads in real-time, protecting you from online threats and ensuring a secure browsing experience wherever you go online.

Wi-Fi Security and Network Protection

Protect your network and devices from Wi-Fi-based attacks and intrusions with AVG AntiVirus’s Wi-Fi security and network protection features. Detect and block unauthorized access attempts, secure your Wi-Fi connection, and safeguard your sensitive information from eavesdroppers and hackers.

Ransomware Protection

Safeguard your files and data from ransomware attacks with AVG AntiVirus’s ransomware protection feature. Detect and block ransomware threats in real-time, prevent unauthorized encryption of your files, and recover encrypted files with built-in ransomware decryption tools, ensuring that your data remains safe and accessible at all times.

Identity Theft Protection

Protect your identity and personal information from cybercriminals and identity thieves with AVG AntiVirus’s identity theft protection features. Safeguard your sensitive data, secure your online transactions, and prevent identity theft with advanced encryption and privacy protection measures.

Performance Optimization

Optimize your device’s performance and speed with AVG AntiVirus’s performance optimization features. Remove junk files, optimize system resources, and improve device performance with one-click maintenance tools, ensuring that your device runs smoothly and efficiently at all times.

Privacy Protection and Data Encryption

Protect your privacy and sensitive data from prying eyes with AVG AntiVirus’s privacy protection and data encryption features. Encrypt your files and communications, secure your online privacy, and prevent unauthorized access to your personal information with robust encryption and privacy protection measures.

Multi-Device Compatibility

Enjoy comprehensive security protection across all your devices with AVG AntiVirus’s multi-device compatibility. Whether you’re using a PC, Mac, smartphone, or tablet, AVG AntiVirus offers cross-platform security solutions that keep all your devices safe and secure from online threats.

Free and Premium Versions

Get started with AVG AntiVirus for free with basic security features and protection, or upgrade to a premium subscription for access to advanced security features, enhanced protection, and priority support. Choose the plan that best suits your needs and budget, and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your devices and data are protected by AVG AntiVirus.

MOD APK version of AVG AntiVirus

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

Download for Android AVG AntiVirus MOD APK

Experience the peace of mind that comes with comprehensive security protection with AVG AntiVirus. Whether you’re browsing the web, downloading files, or accessing sensitive information online, AVG AntiVirus offers the security solutions you need to stay safe and secure in today’s digital world., download the version AVG AntiVirus MOD APK on APKGODY.COM today.