• name
  • Ant Legion: For The Swarm
  • file size
  • 350 MB
  • version
  • 7.1.114
  • price
  • Free
  • publisher
  • Công ty cổ phần Funtap
  • mod features
  • Not available
  • requires
  • Android 4.4+

Ant Legion: For The Swarm will be the rare game about ants hitting both micro and macro levels of sharpness. For the first time you have the opportunity to see such a powerful ant world and enjoy the ultimate conquest to master many territories.

About Facetune Editor

Ant World War!

Compared to humans and the universe out there, we are like little ants in a large backyard. But do you know how hard the ants try to get their own land? Try this 3D construction simulation and combat management game, Ant Legion: For The Swarm.

What is Ant Legion: For The Swarm?

Every world has wars, even if it is a small animal that our feet can accidentally step on. Along with bees, ants have always been a species of interest to many scientists because they show extremely strong swarmness, higher discipline than all other creatures. An interesting aspect of ants is their ability to fight and build their own territories.

Ant Legion: For The Swarm is a game that helps you understand the process of growing, fighting invaders, expanding species, organizing forces and expanding into different areas of ants. This process of growing and developing is really not easy.

Fight for resources

To survive and maintain the prosperity of the ant empire, you will have to ensure a food supply for the entire ant colony. Issue orders and organize forces to collect water and food for team members.

You will issue the initial commands and request the required number of ants according to the volume and size of the resource, then the ants in the nest will automatically obey and move at will.

One point to pay attention to. If it was normal, it would be very convenient to go and gather resources. But you will have to consider and ponder very carefully when at the same time there is an enemy who wants to break into the nest or an adverse weather element hinders the outside. The lesson is not to order all ants in the nest to find food, always maintain a certain number of army ants to protect the nest.

In case of encountering too strong enemies, you can also ally with other friendly ants. All serve the goal of survival through cooperation. It is also a respectable principle of friendship of the ant world that humans often take a long time to learn.

The world of ants is simulated to resemble reality

All information, methods and shapes of ants in Ant Legion: For The Swarm have been carefully discussed, through a rigorous consultation process and licensed by famous natural science photography websites. language around the world. Playing this game you can rest assured that there are no fantasy elements. Everything you are seeing, admiring and interacting directly comes from the external realities of the ants.

Ant Legion: For The Swarm is made up of thousands of HD photos of ants, along with a wide range of knowledge about the habitat of this animal. Ant Legion: For The Swarm, therefore, will be a place where you can learn all the secrets of ants, this small creature that seems unremarkable but also makes humanity learn a lot.

Build your own empire

Ants are famous for their discipline, swarming, scientific division of work and the way they defend their territory. To witness this process, Ant Legion: For The Swarm will give you the opportunity to build your own ant empire from day one. Starting from a small ant colony, you will begin to maneuver around to find the most suitable area for you and start building the main nest. This will be the brain center that controls other areas later on. As you grow stronger from this main nest area, you’ll begin to explore your surroundings and establish your own clans.

It is not wrong to say that ants are the most perfect architects in the world. During the process of building and developing the ant empire in the game, you will understand how they secrete fluid to call for more teammates, zone their own territory and dig every day deep inside to create the nest. Colonies will also be closely linked to each other and controlled by the main nest through a super complex network of tunnels.

Create your own strongest ant colony

To build an epic nest, you’ll need ants that usually act as builder. To protect the nest you will need powerful ant warriors with high combat skills. You will begin to attract, raise and create various species of ants in your nest. Especially with the ant army, in order to defeat all opponents, the most powerful and fierce enemy who is trying to attack the nest, you will have to have many species of ants that are healthy, venomous and ready to fight on command.

Download Ant Legion: For The Swarm APK for Android

As the leader of an ant empire, are you brave enough to manage and dominate your ants to the top of glory, expand your power and always keep the development territory in a safe range? It all depends on your strategy and vision when playing this Ant Legion: For The Swarm simulation game.