• name
  • Animo Fanz
  • file size
  • 27 MB
  • version
  • 1.6.0
  • price
  • Free
  • publisher
  • Parve AK
  • mod features
  • Premium Unlocked
  • requires
  • Android 5.1 and up

There are many options to watch anime online right on mobile. Each source can have its own strengths. In case you are looking for a huge collection of anime movies with a lot of constantly updated content, Animo Fanz will be a name worth putting in the top.

About Animo Fanz

Huge anime collection, constantly updated right on mobile!

Anime is unique in Japanese popular culture. Not only featuring exquisite hand-drawn lines, the anime also contains strange and distinct Japanese thinking along with countless humanistic stories, predicting many aspects of life. Just search for anime, you will immediately have millions of search results with all topics, series, episodes, images and impressive fanmade versions. Anime is not only a cartoon but also a culture and lifestyle of a large number of fans. Some people have spent a long time in their lives watching the colorful world of anime.

If you are anime fans, regularly watch impressive series, want to keep a series of great anime movies you have watched and can’t stand the feeling of missing out on a hot new episode, all you need to do now is to download Animo Fanz right on your mobile.

What is Animo Fanz?

Animo Fanz is an application to watch anime online for free on smartphones without ads or registration required. In particular, it is easy to download and use.

In Animo Fanz is a whole collection of anime cartoons of great value. Almost all popular, legendary, trending or newly released series are available here. Download Animo Fanz to your device and the world of quality anime immediately opens before your eyes with colors, sounds and many things to admire.

List of smart offers

When you don’t have time to search for anime animations to watch, you can completely rely on the recommendations available from the application homepage to choose for yourself a movie worth enjoying. The list of movies is always actively classified by the application developer in many different ways.

The first is classified by Genre from family love, romantic love, detective, adventure, sci-fi, horror, surrealism to fiction. All are gathered into separate areas for you to freely explore without fear of “getting lost” with your interests.

Next, Animo Fanz makes recommendations based on Trending and New Movie Listings. Based on these lists, you can know the names of the most popular movies currently or hot new movies. Each list brings its own enjoyment to the experience. This is the best area for you to keep up to date with the anime trends and tastes of the times, without missing a beat from the general situation of anime culture.

There is one more area just for you. The movies listed in this User-specific List are largely based on your movie preferences. This style is originally filtered by the application from your previous searches or some movies you have seen on the application. Thanks to this data, Animo Fanz will understand your unique preferences and make relevant movie recommendations that are closest to what you are looking to see at each stage.

Watch quality anime with convenient control right on your mobile

Animo Fanz allows you to watch every anime episode in full HD quality, with stable and accurate image, sound and color. Following each episode, you can always comfortably control right on the animated slideshow screen. Just select the settings available below and in the corner of the screen, you can easily perform a variety of options while watching a movie.

Create a list of favorite anime movies

Animo Fanz also supports users to create their own Favorite Anime List. By scanning through anime movies from a pre-selected list from the application or from a keyword search, you will find some movies you especially like, want to watch but don’t have time. Just mark that movie as a favorite, and it will immediately appear in the Favorites list just for you. Whenever you want to start, just go to the list to find the bookmarked movie and open it to watch, no need to search again from the beginning.

This favorite list is also extremely useful for absent-minded people. Sometimes you suddenly see or hear about a certain anime title, very curious to see it, but the next day you have forgotten the name. This personal archive list will be a practical lifesaver.

MOD APK version of Animo Fanz

MOD feature

  • Premium Unlocked

Download Animo Fanz APK & MOD for Android

Overall, this is really a free mobile anime viewing application that you should install right now. Possessing an impressive movie collection, having a series of concise features such as focusing on bringing comfort and convenience to viewers, Animo Fanz will be a source of quality anime enjoyment for everyone.