• name
  • Airship Knights
  • file size
  • 565 MB
  • version
  • 1.5.29
  • price
  • Free
  • publisher
  • Super Planet
  • mod features
  • Not available
  • requires
  • Android 5.1 and up

Airship Knights is a fighting game with fast AFK gameplay. You have in hand an army of heroes capable of using magic, flying in hot air balloons to fight. What’s important you know, all warriors are super attractive waifu girls.

Introduction to Airship Knights

Magic fighting game with all beautiful waifu characters!


As the first Airship captain from Cloud Island, you are responsible for leading a group of female warriors to fight in colorful hot air balloons.

Airship Knights features typical AFK gameplay, adventure mixed with character combat using magic and techniques on fast-paced battlefields. Each match in this game lasts only 10 seconds. In those short 10 seconds, you need to use everything you have to defeat a series of monsters, collect loot, and complete missions in the allotted time.

Quite demanding on time, in return, Airship Knights has a feature to support Idle Combat. You just need to take the warrior to the battle, having previously fully equipped the “toy” for the character and let the female warrior fight automatically on the battlefield. At this point, after spending time focusing on tactics and preparation, you just have to sit there and admire the breathtakingly sexy magical fighting style of the heroines.

Not only automatic combat, female warriors when participating in battles. Depending on their feat, they can be developed, upgraded automatically, becoming stronger after each encounter with the enemy.

Airship Knights is a turn-based strategy game that is played in two phases: strategy and battle. In the strategy phase, players manage their fleet by upgrading their airships, recruiting new crew members, and planning their next moves on a world map. They can choose to take on quests, explore new areas, or engage in battles with enemy fleets.
During battles, players take turns commanding their fleet and choosing their actions from a variety of options, such as attacking enemy airships with weapons, using special abilities, or repairing damaged airships. Each action has a cooldown time, which requires strategic planning to use effectively. Players must also manage their resources carefully, such as fuel and ammunition, to ensure they have enough to last the battle.


The game’s storyline follows the player’s quest to restore peace to a world torn apart by war and conflict. Throughout the game, players will encounter a range of characters with their own backstories and motivations, including allies and enemies. Dialogue choices can affect the game’s outcome, providing a level of player choice and agency.
As players progress through the game, they will unlock new areas and encounter new challenges, including powerful bosses and complex puzzles. The game’s storyline is engaging and immersive, with a rich and detailed world to explore.

Graphics and Sound

Airship Knights features stunning graphics that bring the game’s steampunk-inspired world to life. The airships are highly detailed, and the game’s environments are richly textured and beautifully rendered. The game’s soundtrack complements the gameplay and helps to set the mood for each encounter.


Airship Knights features both cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes, allowing players to team up with friends or compete against each other in battles for resources and territory. The multiplayer mode adds an additional layer of strategy and complexity to the game, as players must work together or compete against each other to achieve their goals.

Overall, Airship Knights is an engaging and immersive game that combines action, strategy, and role-playing elements to create a unique gaming experience. With its detailed storyline, stunning graphics, and challenging gameplay, Airship Knights is sure to appeal to fans of the strategy and action genres alike.

Download Airship Knights APK for Android

Airship Knights is an AFK combat RPG where you meet many beautiful waifu heroines, strategize, and enter various quest arenas. If you want to play a fast-paced action game that is not too difficult, try Airship Knights.